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Can anybody explain why the EPA suppressed a document showing global temps going down over the last 5 years? It also shows it will continue to fall for the next 11.
1. According to testimony before Congress yesterday (7/7/09)
Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa Jackson said the study's chief author had been given numerous opportunities to voice his opinions and some of his arguments were included in the "endangerment" proposal. "The facts do not justify the belief...and they are anything but suppression," Jackson told the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee. Jackson said...that Carlin had been allowed to air his views within the agency and that some of the points in his comments were addressed in the technical support document attached to the endangerment proposal. Furthermore, once Jackson said she discovered Carlin felt his comments were being ignored, her staff allowed him to release his comments publicly.
2. Climate change sceptics frequently argue that climate models and forecasting techniques cannot accurately predicate climate temperature increases. So how are the report's authors able to predict 11 more years of cooling?

global temps going down over the last 5 years
the CO2=Global Warming theory is not tracking well in light of recent cooling despite great increases in CO2 in the atmosphere.
Their recorded data also shows the cooling trend for the last 10 years that I mentioned earlier.
Climate change sceptics have been touting this cooling trend all over the Internet. Can you provide links to actual data sets that show this 5 or 10 year cooling trend?

The following data and analysis is all from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration National Climatic Data Center.

1. Here is a time series analysis for the period 1880-2007 showing variation from the 20th century (1901-2000) mean global temperature

The final data point on the graph is 2007 which was 0.73C above the 20th century mean.

Here's a different look at the same data:

2. According to the NCDC, " of the eight warmest years on record have occurred since 2001 and the 10 warmest years have all occurred since 1995." Also "Global surface temperatures have increased about 0.74C (plus or minus 0.18C) since the late-19th century, and the linear trend for the past 50 years of 0.13C (plus or minus 0.03C) per decade is nearly twice that for the past 100 years."

How about other effects of climate change?

Sea level rise due to thermal expansion

Decline in Arctic sea ice (September extent)

Decreases in glacier and ice cap mass balances

This is just a little bit of the data that CONFIRMS global climate change.

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