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Default Re: What is the name of the 4-motor electric vehicle prototype?

Originally Posted by fx4lightning View Post
my first post Maybe not what you were looking for but

the Hydro Quebec hub motor has been around for a while. Since 1994 actually, so long it's hard to find it on the web.
I'm trying to find a vid that I saw back then with a converted 1994 Dodge Intrepid
making smoke shows with the 4 wheels and making 0-60 in 5 or 6 sec but it seem to have disappeared

here is two articles of it sorry it's French Canadian first one has a vid in it from 1995 you can see the intrepid in it
and the generator that was in the trunk of the car running on a test bench
And here is the web site of the company that develop the idea
and hey what do you know a Wiki article on it
And a video of a Michelin working prototype 20 years late

Thanks for the info and congrats on your first post.

Your links emphasise my point - it seems that this is another in a long line of 'hub motor' vehicles that have never eventuated.
The michelin wheel has been around for a while now - I think since 2008 (announced) and it has yet to be used in a real vehicle.

Has ANYONE solved the problems of multiple hub motors?
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