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Default Re: Wayland's 350Mile per Charge Honda Insight BEV

congratulations with starting this build, John.
thanks for lots of info here and in your blog

numbers looks good - real challenge is to prove it in real life, and i have no doubts - you can
target converted weight - 2850lbs [1292.7kg]+driver 70= 1363kg

cd=0.25; frontal area 1.9m2
drivetrain effy: contr.(inverter) motor,trany -85%

at 60 mph power required:
air drag - 5.6kw
roll.res - 2.5kw 85%- 1.4kw ( 2kw-80%)
total power required = 9.6 kw

71.5kWh. /9.6kwat60mph=7.45hx60=447mi

71.5kWh. /09kw at60=7.9hx60=477mi
71.5kWh. /10kw at60=7.2hx60=420mi
71.5kWh. /11kw at60=6.5hx60=390mi
71.5kWh. /13kw at60=5.5hx60=330mi
71.5kWh. /15kw at60=4.7hx60=286mi

accel 0-60 in 30sec - 19kw


thanks again for shearing details and for good info, John! please keep us updated on details and testing
i believe 400 mile, 8-hour trip ahead of us - soon : )
good luck

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