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Default Re: Wayland's 350Mile per Charge Honda Insight BEV

Originally Posted by IamIan View Post
Where did you see 19kw for acceleration from 0-60 in 30 seconds?

From what I read ... I thought John was expecting ~112kw for acceleration... even with the extra weight he was expecting down around ~7.4 seconds from 0-60... unless I completely misread/misunderstood something somewhere?
for range test (demonstration) we want to pay for accel as lesss as posible

for constant accel only (85% effy, w/o drag) calculated values:

0-60 in 60sec (0.45m/s2) -09.6kw
0-60 in 30sec (0.90m/s2) -19.2kw
0-60 in 15sec (1.79m/s2) -38.5kw

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