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Default Re: Wayland's 350Mile per Charge Honda Insight BEV

Originally Posted by gor View Post
for range test (demonstration) we want to pay for accel as lesss as posible

for constant accel only (85% effy, w/o drag) calculated values:

0-60 in 60sec (0.45m/s2) -09.6kw
0-60 in 30sec (0.90m/s2) -19.2kw
0-60 in 15sec (1.79m/s2) -38.5kw
My bad... I misunderstood your post then ... it read to me like you were posting your estimate for his conversions acceleration was only going to be 0-60 in 30 seconds.

I don't have a efficiency map of the controller and motor Wayland is using... So, Maybe I missed something else then as well ???

I thought most motor controllers and such were more efficient closer to full power ... and the high power rated batteries he is using should have very small Peukert k values for battery loads... and the longest range would come from operating the whole system at it's peak efficiency points as much as possible.

For Wayland's setup ... from what I read ~112kw.
19.2kw is less than 18% Load

18% load is the system peak efficiency point? ... that just seems to me to be an odd / weird point for peak efficiency of this system... so I guess I missed something else??
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