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Default Re: Wayland's 350Mile per Charge Honda Insight BEV

Originally Posted by gor View Post
i don't know, Ian - until they start tests and have some results - your guess same good as mine
fair enough ... we will both have to wait for some more definitive data as the project unfolds.

Originally Posted by gor View Post
i like JW idea to make series of long trips to show - long range IS possible and possible NOW; break common perception of EVs as heavy, slow, low power, low range golf carts, good only around city block
i'm sure he can do it with the range (range fear) - same as he did it in the drag strip with power and speed
I love the concept myself as well ... not only will his conversion have a good sized range , but he is also upgrading the OEM acceleration at the same time ... and the icing on the cake might be the finished project has a good chance to look clean and finished also... so it has great potential.

It seems they have the right combination of skilled and knowledgeable people together working on this project ... combined with some nice sponsorship lined up and some quality components.

So I have no doubt they will successfully make the conversion ... and I have no doubt the finished conversion will have a much longer than normal range , and will perform very well , etc.

The only doubts I still have are about how tight some of the margins look to me ... although as already posted ... I don't have enough data to clearly know one way or the other... from what data we have already seen it looks to me like the finished project has a very good chance of having a significant % of SoC still left unused by the end of the trip ... and a slim chance it might run just a little short.

The challenge is simple and straight forward travel from Portland, Oregon to Seattle, Washington and back on a single charge at the posted freeway speed limits in a converted modern production car for ~ 350 miles at 55-70 mph on the I-5 freeway system.
Of course as said above there is still a great deal unknown / undefined ... so YMMV definitely still applies.

From the details John has generously shared ... and the following assumptions:
  • no net change in OEM aerodynamics
  • With 0 MPH winds constant
  • @55 MPH steady
  • @60 degrees F constant
  • @14.7 Psi Air Pressure constant
  • 0% Relative Humidity
  • the estimated final weight ~2,850
  • Not significantly more than ~220 Pounds of driver , beverage, music system, etc.
  • no slope up or down.
  • 0.007 Crr Constant
  • 71.5kwh usable battery output.
  • 100% DoD
  • Peukert k value low enough to be reasonably negligible at the planned discharge rates.
  • final system average ~85% efficiency from battery output to wheels.

He might see a little more than ~500 Miles on a single charge ... which would easily complete his ~350 mile trip with plenty to spare ... yeagh!!!

But there are a lot of ifs and assumptions in that list ... all of which can effect the final out come.

The margins I see show a health surplus on the good side of finishing with better range than the ~350 target run ... but the margins do not look so big as to be a sure thing for the range of reasonably possible variations still undefined... YMMV.
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