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Default Re: Wayland's 350Mile per Charge Honda Insight BEV

I'd be happy enough if he could do 350 miles off of 71.5kwh but if the Insight turns out to be capable of maintaining speed on the flat with good weather no wind load at 9.6kw steady state and really capable of 447 miles to 100% DOD (160wh/mile), I'll be ecstatic as I 20kwh in mine would yield 125 miles on a perfect day but I could probably figure 100 miles(80% max) fairly safely on a fairweather day on the highway and be fine if the right care is taken. I'm really oversizing for more voltage to allow for better power, longer useful battery life, and better cold weather performance with less heating but I'll take the range. There is a surprising amount of space in the back where that aluminum battery box is, where the fuel pipes and fuel pump are, where all of the air cooled ducting, and IMA electronics sit to where I don't even think I'd need to put any under the car where the gas tank would be removed from for modest range. 71.5kwh will be a challenge as he said it would definitely be easier with the cells he is using versus what most of us use and can afford.

Good luck John!
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