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Default Re: What is the name of the 4-motor electric vehicle prototype?

Originally Posted by oddysea View Post
The reason is that they don't actually work.

Can anyone show me video of a hub motor vehicle that actually does what the manufacturer says it does?
THe protean company back in 2007 or 8 said they could make a 400+ horsepower mini with hub motors. But noone ever actually saw it in operation. And the company that made the motors (PML?) became... Protean - and I still see no video footage of their 'system' operating.
sorry if bringing back a year old thread is bad news...but I'd have to agree...they never want to sell it because they can't? Is it just not possible to get the motors working together with one controller?

I know in golf cart terms, a 4x4 cart with two motors was never ironed out fully...and that seems way simpler!

hmmmmm, and OH to make this work! Anyone else determined to see it work? I would like to!
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