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Default 88 Fiero EV Build


Newbie here trying to read through all of this great information and folks' contributions. I am an MBA / IT network guy that does a little ICE maintenance work, does not know EE math, and is new to CA (relo from Pacific NW). I have a bunch of tools, but not sure they are the right ones, but will buy them if necessary. I could really use a coach / mentor to help me navigate the math, products etc (I know...who doesn't right?!@)

1988 Pontiac Fiero (4cyl) Automatic (ugh)

Initial Goals:
Commute to work (25mi) each way (office has charging station in back!)
Accelerate to 65mph (highway speeds, bumper to bumper traffic, merging etc)
2 Passengers (400lbs combined)
Location: San Jose, CA
Budget: 4-6K
Time: Before wife gets sick of nothing getting done!

Optimal goals: +$8K?
100mi distance before charge
0-60 in 5sec (please?!) ;-)
Regenerative braking

I've been thinking about a 144v (240v??) motor (not sure which one yet, don't get volts-HP equivalency) and LiPo battery packs. I've found 72v100ah med discharge batteries that I like (working on the price). Not sure how many I need at this point (initial or optimal). Also, having worked at Boeing for a number of years, I've become a little enamored with the idea of using a 777 electric starter motor...any guesses why?? LOL (can someone talk me out of this?)

Things that I've been considering:
Dropping the automatic transmission and replacing it with ????
- Would like to have mid-engine tranny that is fast off the line but an over-drive for highway.
- May go with paddle shifters instead of clutch, wifey can't drive a clutch and has no desire to learn... (suggestions?)
Not using the Fiero but a tubular body (Fiero was $400 and barely running) but no accidents and disc brakes!

Thanks again for your thoughts, links, lessons learned etc. Anyone in the area that I can connect with and compare notes? I live in the Campbell area.


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