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Default Re: 88 Fiero EV Build

Thanks for the reality check(s). I was trying to be a little bit humorous.

Metric, your build is very close to what I am interested in tinkering around with. I don't have 'race dreams' however, I am interested in having some get up and go to make the morning commute a little more interesting. I have charging power at work so I can keep a full charge at nearly all times.

I'm very interested in your LiPo pack configuration and your thoughts on leveraging the front end (under the hood) of the Fiero. Your use of space for the dual Warp 9s is very inspiring and I would like to incorporate that idea into my 'phased approach' to building up this EV.

Do you have any recommendations for a transmission? I'm thinking that I will be taking this out onto the highway/freeway for my commute and would like to have an overdrive capability along with a fast first & second gear. I was thinking about the Corvette C5 or Z06 6-speed transmission, but is there a cheaper easier option? My wife can't / won't drive a manual so I was thinking about leveraging their paddle shifters.

I really appreciate your leadership you've taken in this space and thanks again for your links and documentation.
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