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Default Re: 88 Fiero EV Build

Originally Posted by petersot View Post
I'm very interested in your LiPo pack configuration and your thoughts on leveraging the front end (under the hood) of the Fiero. Your use of space for the dual Warp 9s is very inspiring and I would like to incorporate that idea into my 'phased approach' to building up this EV.

Do you have any recommendations for a transmission? I'm thinking that I will be taking this out onto the highway/freeway for my commute and would like to have an overdrive capability along with a fast first & second gear. I was thinking about the Corvette C5 or Z06 6-speed transmission, but is there a cheaper easier option? My wife can't / won't drive a manual so I was thinking about leveraging their paddle shifters.
Well the transmission tunnel approach is not really expensive but requires a lot of sheet metal bending and cutting and welding skill.
You could put a motor and TH400 transmission in the front of the car, but again you would be fabbing up a lot of custom motor mounts and really taking a sawsall to the unibody and rewelding the strength back in.
For a daily commuter I would start by scanning through EVALBUM.COM and search on Fiero. There must be a hundred in there. Look for builds that give the same performance you are looking for.

With twin Warp9's I don't think you need the gear vendors overdrive. I don't even kick mine in until about 70mph. However, with a single Warp9 or Warp11 you may consider it. You may want to consider a large Warp11 into the stock Fiero Transaxle with a lenco gear reducer flipped around to make a permanent overdrive. This would give peak power around 5000rpm, be a reasonable 300ftlbs of peak torque and be able to run all the standard transaxle transmission functions.(This is a new idea I am afraid but I think quite doable.

I would stay away from the LiPo's for daily driver. The claimed cycles on them is around 300. I am near 180 but that race driven cycles. I am afraid fi you drove every day and the cycle life truly is only 300 that you would be replacing a pack a year. I will let you know more when I pass 300 cycles if they have more due to proper balance and management.

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