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Originally Posted by gottdi View Post
Follow the warranty rules and you will have no problem. I have a Leaf and it is stated not to leave my vehicle for more than two weeks unplugged if you have less than a full charge.
Originally Posted by gottdi View Post
I left mine for two weeks unplugged with a full charge. Guess what? I still had a full charge when I got home.
Yes, there is very easy technical solution in basically any electric car (even diy) to this "problem", especially for EV Tesla class.
Their manual doesn't states - do not leave unplugged for 2 weeks (like on Leaf) it says - you can leave it unplugged for couple of weeks (not recommended). Drain: 50% - first week, 5% per day - after, which takes next 10 days to drain 50% of what left (to 25% total), 7+20 days - to 12.5% total.
No clear warning on 5-2 & 5-3 as it is in 9-3, suggests - this "problem" shouldn't even be there, such "teething problems" can and should be resolved immediately. Settle, rebate, insurance or other deal in such cases - whole situation will look and feel different - won't be a situation.
Now it's getting ridiculous, but their bad PR and poor handling of whole situation - casts shadow and not a good favour for EV community.

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