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Old 10-18-2008, 06:18 AM
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Default More scooter questions

Had it a few days now and have to say I am pretty impressed for the price. Seems to be well designed and well put together with the exception of the odd lose screw. I pulled the wire from the circuit breaker and it came out, it had just never been tightened up. These things, to me are pretty normal, the things I have found doing PDI on new cars sometimes made you just want to go home and take up sculpture.

There is a lot of extra weight that I am sure I will remove at some stage.

Most of the fastenings are bolts or bolts and nuts, not self tappers, it has a proper frame underneath it with the battery box sitting where the engine would be (the same scooter is available with an ICE), with two main chassis / frame legs running underneath it. Dual shock / springs on the back, that surprised me a bit I would have thought a mono shock would save weight and cost.

Anyway, some inane questions

What should the tyre pressure be? 10 inch wheels.

How can I tell if it has regen? I have seen the same scooter on eBay and it had regenerative breaking. However, as I buy a lot of stuff from China I do know that rarely do you get to the actual maker of things, they usually have a factory making the basic thing then lots of other companies build it as they see fit, eg it is possible, from a different seller, to get it with LIFEPO4 batteries

Is it likely that I could just add a battery and run it from 60 volts with no other mods?

What size cables should there be from the batteries to the controller / motor? I think they are too small. They are about 8 sq mm stranded copper and I think it would be better if I replaced the lot with 15 sq mm. It has peak power at 1.7kW / 440 RPM, 48 volt 38 AH battery.

Enough for now, I am sure there will be more to follow

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