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Old 02-25-2009, 06:45 AM
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Default Re: [EVDL] AGM questions

Check with Dick Brown at


309 Airport Dr.

Tyler, TX 75704.


903-595-1597 fax

Dick Brown []

He really likes working with the EV enthusiasts.
Won't hurt to compare.

Elsberry, MO

-----Original Message-----
From: Gene Stopp []
Sent: Tuesday, February 24, 2009 12:22 PM
To: Electric Vehicle Discussion List
Subject: [EVDL] AGM questions

I took a trip over to Sears this weekend and looked at the PM-2 Marine
battery, which is apparently a re-label of the Odyssey PC1500MST. Sure
enough, it is the same physical unit down to the smallest detail. The
price is $199, a much better price than elsewhere for the Odysseys. From
the archives I see the following post from Brad Bowler back in December:


I caught the same message, so I emailed ODYSSEY, here's the response.
The Sears model is $70 less than the local Odyssey battery. I guess my
next 1500's will be silver...

Yes, Enersys does manufacture the Sears private label Platinum group 34
version of the PC1500. They are the same except for the color and the

Please contact me if you have any other questions or concerns.

Have a wonderful day!

Kathy Mitchell

ODYSSEY Sales Coordinator

Phone: 660-429-7551

Fax: 660-429-1758

Web site:

Corp site:


My questions:

Any idea why the price difference? These aren't "factory seconds", are
they? Could it be that Odyssey tests each one, and any that don't have
optimal capacity are diverted to a "marine" category? Or, does Odyssey
cut the price for increased distribution volumes through a popular
outlet? Or is it Sears that's taking the hit on the margins?

How truly important is it that all the AGM's in the same traction pack
be of the same manufacturing batch? Would that be date code, or batch

If I have a weird feeling about mounting these on their sides, despite
the "any orientation" guidance, is it just my gut feel about regular
flooded batteries? Is there *really* no chance of something oozing out?
Sideways may be looking better for one of my boxes.

I asked about a core charge and the guy said it wouldn't apply if I had
no cores. Does that mean the core charge is to cover their recycling

I see that Ryan has added the PC1500MST to the EVsource website. Free
shipping in the US. Nice!

Best Regards,

- Gene

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