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Old 04-23-2012, 08:41 PM
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Default Trans axles and traction motor fitment ??

Like many lurkers here we trend battery prices and (paper) design our first EV. I know that people that have put the Netgain 9" in a Toyota Yaris have had a too-tight fit at the passenger strut tower. On the Toyota MR2 the fit is also tight with the same traction motor. Classic VW bugs seem to have a trans axle that will be damaged if started hard in low instead of second. The Corvair has a stronger trans axle but these classics can be hard to find good repair parts for.
Etischer did a usual brilliant thing (for him) and selected a VW Passat for his glider. Looks like he has plenty of room for the motor AND he hasn't blown a tranny yet. The down side is the 3,800 pounds finished weight.
I've looked at trans axles from Porscha, Renalt, and Subaru. The good thing on these units is being able to build a read-wheel-drive EV with a mid-ships motor mount. On e-bay the largest supply of rebuilt trans axles are far-and-away Porsche units. I know one of these was shelled by the men testing Shiva the destroyer but nothing I ever build will unleash that kind of torque. The only thing I have against starting with a Porsche glider is their popularity and consequent price. Having a motor mounted mid-ships makes me want to look at cockpit door to door width because I'd want affordable bucket seats/w headrest to fit even if I have a protective motor cover attached to the floor between the buckets. I love the style of the Pontiac Solstice and the Saturn Sky but the people selling them love them too much too. At $8000 they hit a reserve-not-met on ebay and almost never get sold to ordinary ebay bidders. These cars are a bit too heavy as an ICE car (2800#). This means that after a decent conversion we can expect them to tip the scales at 3,400# or more. At that point the Passat is again a contender.
What this country needs is a good 10 dollar battery pack.
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Old 04-24-2012, 12:34 AM
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Default Re: Trans axles and traction motor fitment ??

Hi Kid
too-tight fit at the passenger strut tower.

Have a look at the clearance between the spring and the tower - there may be quite a lot of room there

If there is introduce the tower to your handy lump hammer and dress out a bit more clearance

If the spring is a bit close have a look at competition struts and springs - these are normally a lot smaller in diameter

If you don't like the hammer bashing cut a piece e out and weld in a new bit

This would be a lot easier than using a a different transmission
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Old 04-24-2012, 06:05 AM
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Default Re: Trans axles and traction motor fitment ??

On the old drag racing trick.

The first gear is a two piece deal. The outer can be pressed off the hub, then the hub can be chamfered,the outer also chamfered, then pressed back togather. T.I.G. weld them and face off in a lathe.

You now have a bullet proof first gear.

While you are at it..Install a close ratio third/fourth gearset also. (The stock ratio is a three speed/4th overdrive.) Then you have 4 usable gears.

Install a 4.88:1 bus ring and pinion gearset to be EV friendly.

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