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Old 06-27-2012, 08:05 PM
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Default Re: [EVDL] Potbox flaking - where to get a new pot? (Manual Transmission)

With a clutch. :-)

More seriously, a belt-driven alternator seems like a good choice; it
performs a useful function and should provide enough resistance to
slow down the motor pretty quickly.

Also, some manual transmissions will have better synchros than others
and some will just be less suited to running clutchless.

-Morgan LaMoore

[quote] Will Schmit <> wrote:
> When I went to work (this morning), I couldn't imagine what Cor was talki=
ng about (regarding the idle for automatic transmission). I hadn't consi=
dered that the pump needed a constant flow. OK FINE.
> That brings me to my problem...
> I have a Curtis controller and a 9" Advanced DC motor (double shaft). =
When I accelerate, the "coast" feature of the Curtis lets the motor freewhe=
el. I have the clutch in, and I have to wait - wait - wait, while the mo=
tor slows down enough to slip the tranny into the next gear. Usually not=
so bad going from 2 to 3, because I am going fast enough.
> I have considered a regenerative load on the extra shaft. Something th=
at would be kicked on when the potbox "hi-pedal" switch was in the high pos=
ition, or possibly a switch that told the load that the clutch was in.
> How is everyone else getting the motor to slow down between shifts?

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