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Old 02-10-2009, 03:05 AM
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Default [EVDL] Maybe an offbeat hybrid idea... steam!

G'day All

Discussing today the possibilities of hybrid vehicles (ICE running in
parallel to a DC motor) and the topic came up, what about steam? And not
only steam, what other technologies are there that may be hybridized into
an electric-dominant vehicle to assist a battery EV for longer range? Hope
to start a discussion on potential hybrids (real hybrids, that is, not
petroleum-only ones).

Since steam engines will run right down to stopped, would that team up with
an electric well? My knowlege of steam engines is not that great, and I've
been lazy and done almost no research, so... shooting from the hip here!

Instant drive off - steam comes 'on-line' once pressure is up and unloads
the electric motor.
Drive like an automatic - no clutch needed, single speed ratio.
Reverse the electric and steam together - no reverse gear needed.
Flexible fuel, just depends on what there is to burn, and what burner/s
you've equipped.
Smaller steam engine than would be required for a non-hybrid.

May not be able to register a vehicle with a steam engine anyway
(complexity of the necesary safety systems? Emissions?).
Speed ratio of a steam vs electric may be an issue - high speed of a
turbine or low speed of a reciprocating steam engine.
Weight of a steam system added to the weight of an EV may be problematic?
Cost of building/buying a steam system may be prohibitive.

What else? Maybe a series hybrid, using a steam engine driving a generator
to supplement the battery as a range extender?

We've discussed capstone turbines before, and unless you need the heat the
cost/electricity ratio is a bit off the planet. That may be the case with a
steam engine, too.

So, Comments?


[Technik] James

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