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Old 03-13-2009, 03:56 PM
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Default Re: [EVDL] Testing 8 volt batteries?


1) -- big resistor (like a 500 watt rated 0.2 ohm or such). Won't be a
constant wattage load, but will work to capacity test with a little more
monitoring, though not as slick as using the inverter and the timer).

2) -- wire 3 of them in series to get a 24 volt sub-bank, and do testing
and charging that way, using a 24 volt inverter and charger. Not as good as
individually, but better than all 9 of them in series.

3) -- use a dumb 12 volt charger, and just monitor the voltage yourself to
prevent overcharging (smart chargers probably won't turn on if the battery
is only 8 volts, but a dumb one may just put in current anyway)

[quote] sanfranman12 <> wrote:

> I am doing an EV conversion and just purchased 9 8-volt Interstate
> batteries.
> How am I supposed to charge and test these babies?
> I'm configuring a 72 volt pack and am about to order a Delta-Q charger.
> However, I have read the cautions about testing each battery individually
> to
> make sure that they are well balanced when you buy new batteries. The
> preferred testing method appears to involve a 12 volt DC to 120 volt AC
> inverter, an electric space heater, and a clock. But the inverter isn't
> going to work with my 8 volt batteries!
> Any recommendations about how to run the capacity test of the 8 volt
> batteries?
> Also, if I configure the whole pack of 9 volt batteries and charge them
> that
> way, can I assume that each battery is getting a full charge? Or do I need
> to find an 8 volt charger to charge each battery individually when I am
> testing them?
> I see that I can buy something that looks like a trickle charger that puts
> out 1 to 2 amps. Maybe I can do a bulk chage in the full pack and then
> "top-off" each battery individually with the smaller charger.
> Thanks in advance for any help.
> Tom
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