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Old 01-05-2010, 05:59 AM
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Default Battery advice

Hi everyone,

Ive never really been into forums until i read a few threads in this one a few days ago. Ive gone from having an ambitious dream to realizing its possible and choosing a motor in days.

The next issue i have is choosing batteries for my project. The idea is a narrow wheelbase leaning 3wheeler. It needs to be lightweight, fast and economical. My motor is likely to be part of this package from thunderstruck: AC-15 Curtis Controller 1238-6501 48-80V 550 amp 43hp 95ftlbs 7500rpm $3200
I might gear it down a touch depending on how wide a back wheel i can afford, this will reduce efficiency i guess - but give me loads of low down punch.
The vehicle shall weigh 350kg, and ill estimate it will do an average of 60mph and need to cover 60miles on a single charge (this may be ambitious).

How do i calculate how many batteries and with what spec? I think LiFePO4 cells sound like the dogs danglies in terms of juice/weight so lets use these. And i am also naturally interested in cost.

I have read a few threads that use throttle ''open" percentages, i have no idea what this will be with my vehicle - i want this to have good performance, so lets say i slept through my alarm meaning the commute has turned into a timetrial challenge!what sort of throttle percentage ball park would we be in?

thoughts on my choices so far would be greatly appreciated and thoughts on that motor in a 350kg vehicle would be interesting too i think it would be fun.

Thanks guys,
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