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Old 10-28-2011, 06:35 AM
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Default [EVDL] Lithium battery comparisons

Hi Folk's,

I'm trying to decide which is best:

T-Sky/Winston LiFePO4 2.8V - 3.8V (min to max charge)
CALB LiFePO4 2.5V - 3.6V
GBS LiFeMNPO4 (don't see spec, max 100ah)

I'm doing a 2k lb Karmann Ghia with 36 cells (if 130ah) or 40 cells (if 100ah) about 300wh per mile for a 30 mile range.

The Thundersky with a bit higher taper voltage is good for the charger since the current drops off more at the higher voltage so the balancers don't fry. Is that what the "Y" yttrium does for the battery, make it a bit higher in voltage?

Which battery has the best longevity? Most distributors seam to think CALB.

I saw 8 packs of T-Sky 100ah batteries on Ebay for $1k each but were dated 08'. What is the shelf life of Tsky's vs others? Weren't there quality issues with T-Sky back in 08'?

Is there any advantage of adding "MN" into the mix as GBS does? Also they have a 4 screw weird termination and I have the copper single hole strips I already bought.

I'll probably mount the balancers (shunt regulators) set to 3.6V or 3.8V under the dash to see with the 4.0V charger emergency cutt-off and 2.8 or 2.5V minimum led/beeper there with the battery scanner.

Have a renewable energy day,
www.reevadiy.org community service RE & EV's.
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