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Old 03-17-2017, 09:53 AM
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Default Re: Using a forklift motor, and choosing a good one

Originally Posted by knighty View Post
hi Major, thanks for the reply

so the armature is always powered the same way, and you reverse the field coils to reverse the motor ?

I think what has me lost is the forklift controller has 5 contacts, but I can;t see another controller with 5 ?

from googling, I think this is because the current(or voltage?) in the field windings needs to change to adjust the motor speed ?
(going by this image)

is that right ?

do the modern controllers just work in a better way and so don't need so many contacts ?

had a call back from the forklift company, 8600 for a controller ! (10,600usd)

old forklift, so controller only controls motor speed, hydraulics etc. are separate



EDIT: here

I found this

so... I can run it with a 2 wire controller... yeah ?
(just checking before I buy anything)

still a little confused as to why the old controller had 3 motor connections...
No, you can't use your series wound motor as a shunt motor. The field coils are physically wound differently. Low resistance of series field essentially shorts out battery.

In that diagram the armature is reversed. Notice I said field reversed "relative" to armature. It also shows field weakening, which your old control may or may not have.

4 vs 5 connections. Find the Curtis 1205 wiring diagram using reversing contactors. Note controller connects one terminal to battery positive and to motor. Your old controller might use 2 terminals instead of doubling up on that single. Reason would just be a guess.

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