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  1. Geo Tracker/Suzuki Sidekick Donor?
  2. Seeking Miata Conversion
  3. Anyone in Houston need an apprentice?
  4. One-Off Tube Frame Chassis (MR2 drivetrian) EV Build Looking for Advice
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  6. Adapter
  7. My My First Post - Preparing to convert Mazda GLC
  8. Anybody here coverting/ed a VW pickup(caddy)
  9. Making high current/voltage battery cables for EV's
  10. Wife challenged me to built her an EV- starting from scratch...
  11. What about an Mercedes-Benz A-class (W168)
  12. My first post, My first EV, My first donor veh.
  13. VW Beetle
  14. The alekscar from amidesign.
  15. Inexpensive Adaptor Plate
  16. Is there a 144V+ AC motor and controller w/ regen braking?!?
  17. Make your local politician useful
  18. Can you vent battery boxes out the bottom?
  19. Does anyone know where to get these?
  20. Question for any vw bug converts
  21. Should I buy this hyundai excel?
  22. Thinking about doing an EV car....questions?
  23. Battery question and my new project
  24. Is this a good kit for a R. Trike beginners build?
  25. Any comments on this conversion?
  26. Vacuum brakes question
  27. diesel powered EV
  28. Experienced Advice Needed on 5 Choices
  29. What's my goof? No speedometer in S10.
  30. 1937 Buick Sedan
  31. Mazda GLC Conversion Progress
  32. 95 Mazda Protege Conversion
  33. Decision made not to use immersion element for heater source.
  34. Planning Saturn SL1 '92 Conversion
  35. Planning late 80-early 90's Toyota 4x2 5spd pickup EV
  36. Planning Mazda mx-5 conversion
  37. The ICE is OUT! Progress!
  38. can I charge lead acid batteries with this?
  39. Planning an old 70's Mini conversion
  40. front battery rack enclosure, or not?
  41. Electric Motors for Accessories
  42. BMW 318 EV Conversion
  43. examples of control box layout
  44. Registering/titling a donor car in MA
  45. First Post, EV Conversion needs, suggestions apreciated
  46. Canada Ontario and EV's
  47. Planning performance 1993 Mazda RX-7 Conversion, details within
  48. Errr... Planned and Purchased: '96 Ford Probe
  49. New configurable display from GM
  50. first drive! (Now I know that EV grin)
  51. Zeus Commuter Project
  52. Best Book for EV Conversion?
  53. Eclipse build started
  54. Help needed - Magura throttle to Curtis controller and more
  55. Planning Citroen CX conversion
  56. EV as an Emergency Power Source
  57. Instrumentation
  58. Electric Blue Motors
  59. Got my adapter and coupler!
  60. 69 Chevy van - thoughts?
  61. Question about my state
  62. Wireing Diagrams
  63. AC VS DC and general AC motor questions
  64. sand-rail build
  65. I have a question....
  66. Motor Out !
  67. Need Help Wiring
  68. How fast should it go?
  69. battery temperature?
  70. Idea for an inexpensive electric car.
  71. Is hot weather a problem for EVs?
  72. Planning on converting a 2000+ MR2 Spyder
  73. Heater research
  74. I want to marry my Prime Mover OE35 and my Volvo 740 GL
  75. Pontiac Firebird to a dragracer
  76. Warp 9 Motor Installed
  77. HI from the new guy
  78. What size electric motor would I be looking for
  79. Mike's VW Type 3 Square conversion (LONG INTRO SORRY)
  80. Anybody Ever Build Their Controller?
  81. Power Stering Accessory Motor
  82. battery maint specifics
  83. How much main cable?
  84. Newbie questions??
  85. Taper lock on a straight shaft
  86. Share your weight saving build ideas!
  87. AC Motor Sources
  88. Adaptor plate and coupling problem
  89. heat source?
  90. How on earth do I replace a CV Joint?
  91. Planning Ford Puma conversion
  92. Thoughts on carbon fiber?
  93. converting a Prius to 100% electric
  94. cooling question
  95. AC Motor Performance at lower voltages
  96. Defroster question
  97. has anyone done a comet or falcon?
  98. Free Porsche 924 Rollng Chasis - Middleton, PA
  99. effin' new guy and his stoopid questions...
  100. 87 accord
  101. Please Kill my future EV! :p
  102. Any RX7 conversions out there?
  103. Ford Ranger 2.3 4cyl 5sp "Magic Number"
  104. Gravel and Dirt roads in an EV
  105. Peromance on demand & motor
  106. Super strong,ultra-lightweight aluminum foam panels
  107. European DC motors
  108. Trojan battery charge/discharge cycles
  109. getting started
  110. This battery sounds to good to be true.....
  111. High Schooler looking for help...
  112. Starter car
  113. Newb Looking to Convert ICE 84 VW Vanagon
  114. Prius Batteries?
  115. Hey Everyone, new here!
  116. Planning an EV, likely a small pickup.
  117. new build with Scion XB
  118. EV Conversions Costs
  119. Toyota Estima Motor/Controller Options
  120. 1997 Geo Metro
  121. Crazy idea with a solar panel?
  122. Another crazy idea
  123. Prius elec/gas
  124. Where to find batteries?
  125. Slow vs. Fast Acceleration
  126. Geo Tracker vs Geo Metro
  127. Possible Documentary in the works as well as a Karmann Ghia EV conversion
  128. Hmmm...Lightweight EV candidates?
  129. pix of geo/swift front rack?
  130. 1986 mazda 2200 pickup conversion
  131. 2 quick questions Trannys and 3 Phase
  132. How heavy is to heavy?
  133. Auto Auctions
  134. Utah - Clean Fuel Tax Credit
  135. Pneumatic helper springs
  136. Location/connection for charger
  137. Getting my donor car - disappointed so far
  138. How can I get 20 miles at 45-60 MPH on the cheap?
  139. how hot do controllers/motors get?
  140. How to convert 88 s-10
  141. Adapter plate, transmission oil...advice, please
  142. ok to mount battery rack to motor?
  143. Dodge Stealth Donor Car?
  144. best doner car choice
  145. Feasability of a not-so-ideal Donor car
  146. Range Question....Changing Mind?
  147. Patrick Roth's zx2EV project
  148. EV motorcycle power questions --
  149. 1993 Honda Del Sol S EV, Need help with ADAPTER PLATE
  150. 4x4 Conversion Feasible with EV?
  151. Considering Opel Calibra conversion
  152. Economics of Electric Vehicles
  153. New user, planning custom build
  154. Motor cost & where to buy
  155. Sparkfire, Bottomfeeder's build
  156. Converting a 1992 Dodge Dakota
  157. Start of Electric Peace Bus
  158. Planning Mazda RX-7 (1979-1985) conversion
  159. EV rebate schemes or concessions - Help Needed
  160. $7500 federal tax credit for EVs?
  161. Any cheap motors out there?
  162. Help wiring ceramic heater?
  163. Powerful enough motor?
  164. Vehicle Weights
  165. drag coefficient Chevy S-10 94+ Ford Ranger 93-97?
  166. Advice on Saturn motor mount, axle support
  167. Got a load of EV junk last night...
  168. Ranger A/C help
  169. How many litres of vacuum for the brakes?
  170. Why vacuum for brakes
  171. Interstate U2400/ US145
  172. Refurbished AC55s?
  173. Charge Sustained EV Question
  174. AC Baldor motor on the cheap side worth it? Car options?
  175. Gav's EV conversion YouTube videos and DVD
  176. A newbie stupidly asks "Can I Do This"
  177. permanent magnet motors "there real"
  178. Braking needs if you have regen
  179. Worlds first Hybrib motorcycle! (NSFW - PG13 rated)
  180. battery placement question
  181. How about an electric pusher trailer?
  182. new glider from oem
  183. component enclosure
  184. Powerglide Secrets EVers Should Know
  185. DIY Hybrid
  186. battery box enclosure design...
  187. Ontario - Canada, my electric truck conversion
  188. S2K adapter plate and coupler complete!
  189. newbi - 1995 volvo Wagon
  190. Range Estimation Formula
  191. PT Cruiser as donor?
  192. cleaning up AL plate
  193. ASU Formula Hybrid
  194. Yosemite Fiat 850 Ev-racer Build
  195. Got my donor!
  196. Possibly Planning Mazda RX-7 Conversion
  197. New to EV- Converting 74 VW Bus
  198. Looks like I'm going to go with a Geo Metro as my first EV
  199. Are EV 's good for the foot hills of CA
  200. Supra conversion project!
  201. Trike project
  202. Anderson Plug
  203. Contemplating An EV Conversion...
  204. I want to build Silverado EV; possible?
  205. Converting a 1997 Chevy Blazer
  206. EV Conversion (electronic differential and regen braking)
  207. transmission oils
  208. thinking of making a ev what do you think
  209. Alfa Romeo Transaxle EV conversion ???
  210. electricity4gas.com scam
  211. 1999 Honda Accord Conversion(?)
  212. Late 60's Mustang for a donor?
  213. Weak Hybrid conversion for Honda CRV
  214. My EV Moves!!!
  215. Class-A conversion
  216. Concieve the electric RV
  217. Name my conversion Contest!!
  218. training video for hammer crimper?
  219. I scored a donor!
  220. 1994 Corolla conversion build thread
  221. custom chrome lettering
  222. Found my donor car
  223. Mazda B120V ON THE ROAD and in the garage!
  224. resource for AFV by state
  225. Dual Drive System!
  226. Need recommendations on shaft to hub coupler :)
  227. Power steering
  228. Here are some pics of the first EV I was involved with
  229. I now have my donor car
  230. It a 1985 Mercedes Benz 190E a good candidate
  231. Planning Mazda B2000 Conversion
  232. Prius conversion
  233. seeking approval
  234. 4x4 diesel PU -> parallel hybrid?
  235. Father/Son EV Conversion
  236. 1986 VW Golf Conversion
  237. Honda V65 Conversion
  238. Learning to Drive an EV
  239. Trying to decide on a vehicle to convert and a plan of attack.
  240. My fortune cookie said so..
  241. 12Volt Heaters??
  242. Donor car woes.
  243. "Good OHM'n"... here we go...
  244. Components board, what material?
  245. 1997 suzuki swift ig wire?
  246. Fuel door plug
  247. Electric car conversion videos
  248. First legal ev drive!!!!
  249. really nice enclosures
  250. Planning 84-89 Dodge Omni Conversion