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  1. Two 60V chargers to charge 120V pack
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  38. K2 Energy Power Modules
  39. GAIA Cells
  40. Can alternators charge EV batteries?
  41. very efficient BMS patent
  42. Mixing Battery Packs?
  43. My Visit to Calib Power in Pomona, CA
  44. DIY busbar method
  45. CellLog LogViews Voltage Differential
  46. Hos to calculate all the volts ev is going to need?
  47. lithium charge recovery
  48. current limited BMSs
  49. Trickle Charge
  50. Battery Box Insulation: How Much?
  51. Charge While Driving
  52. Low acid level in one battery.
  53. Ligoo BMS
  54. High Current Low Voltage Battery Charger from a MIG Welder
  55. Making of A123 Li-ion Battery 48V 30AH
  56. Looking to replace/upgrade batteries, could use some advice
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  58. PakTrakr still in business?
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  60. True A123 cells or Grey Market?
  61. no batteries? possible?
  62. manzanitamicro website account suspended
  63. Would you buy batteries from China?
  64. How to buy headway batteries from the uk
  65. What are the failure modes of parallel connected LiFePo4 cells?
  66. Huge investment into Battery Building!
  67. Does anyone ever use these to electric motorcycle?
  68. cell matching
  69. deep cycle lead acid battery recommendation
  70. balance chargers overcharge
  71. Two defective chargers in a row?
  72. Thundersky / Winston Operating Voltage
  73. EV J1772 support equipment?
  74. Tesla discharge
  75. Flexi-Watt Battery Heater Control System
  76. Changing Output Voltage of a Kelly Charger
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  78. will this charger work for anyone
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  83. I found an outstanding coil/transformer reference.
  84. same kWh but not voltage whats the difference? (50 calb 70ah vs. 39 90ah Thundersky)
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  86. How can I test my charger to see if it has a problem?
  87. 400Wh/kg batteries confirmed
  88. Can an Elcon Charger charge while driving?
  89. What chemistry is Kokam?
  90. a123 20ah, make in China?
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  92. Reviving a dead LiFePo4 cell (Hi-Power, 40Ah)
  93. Supercapacitors instead of Battery pack
  94. Can you mount A123 pouch cells upside down?
  95. 300 Mile EV ? Envia Sytems new lithium technology
  96. Lithium iron battery pack
  97. regenerative braking and bms
  98. making starting battery
  99. Silly newbie conversion questions
  100. Single cell charger question
  101. 700kW burst on LiFePo4?
  102. Saft nicads alternative charging
  103. www.hipowergroup.com
  104. Bottom Balance Voltage Sensitivity
  105. Anyone interested in a 104 Volt Elcon charger?
  106. Are Trojan T105 worth the bucks
  107. Can Lithium be brought back to life?
  108. Elithion and Zilla
  109. Chraging Interlock Circuit
  110. Low cost cell voltage monitoring development
  111. Anyone who know K2 battery?
  112. Zivan NG1 230VAC on 110VAC
  113. battery Sizing questions
  114. A123 pack Idea
  115. Recent Battery Test (Kokam)
  116. Pouch modules - another method.
  117. do 144vdc chargers dis-charge as part of cycle
  118. Standardized PL6 testing for A123 cells and compiling data
  119. DIY super caps
  120. charger not turning on...
  121. Anyone tried this Metra Raptor 1/0 battery cable?
  122. Mixing Lead and Lion
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  124. iPad/iPhone to monitor Elithion Lithiumate BMS: It works!
  125. a little dissapointed
  126. Chloride Spegel Battery Charger Upgrade
  127. EVs could fill up at the pump
  128. lipo starting battery bust
  129. A123 Recall on Packs!
  130. battery problem
  131. Zivan NG1 Question
  132. BMS issue
  133. Where to start?
  134. New LiFePO4 EV Batteries
  135. Auxiliary/Alternate power help needed.
  136. Elcon question
  137. Lipoly Discharge Voltage
  138. Plug and play electric vehicle charging
  139. harbin guantuo BMS setup
  140. Vantage van battery upgrade advice
  141. Generator Installed to Electric Drive Motor
  142. Production EV extended battery hacking
  143. Simple Calb termination questions
  144. Thundersky 100Ah Bolt length
  145. probably a dumb battery question
  146. A123 (AONE)is Toast, Bad News for US!
  147. Charger for Lead and LiFePO4?
  148. Kokam battery pack
  149. I bought the elektromotus EMUS BMS
  150. 1-ev Battery Group buy question
  151. Keeping Controller / Electronics In Cab
  152. Fast speed Initial top charge at 100A ?
  153. A123 Grey market cells have those welding issues?
  154. Battery charging .... ???
  155. Simple method of punching holes in A123 20Ah tabs
  156. Benefits to liquid cooling Lead Acid?
  157. battery selection / sourcing
  158. headway cells
  159. J1772 Inlet Exposure?
  160. Thoughts on 10 second C rating for LiFePO4
  161. headway cells
  162. SCiB battery information?
  163. is it safe & wise to dremel the cell case ?
  164. US Patent # 8,130,000
  165. Ah Rating- Can Batteries Ah numbers be added together?
  166. GM Battery Explosion?
  167. Thunder-Sky LYP compatibility with other TS/Sinopoly types
  168. What's the best: Charging voltage limitation by BMS or Charger ?
  169. Constant Current Load
  170. High Power Screw Cap
  171. How to select what voltage/batteries to use?
  172. shopping
  173. Level 3 Chargers
  174. Chargin practices for lead acid batteries.
  175. More Lead vs Lithium, Should I...
  176. quick charge
  177. Ammeter
  178. Alternator for regen braking with brushed DC
  179. LiFeYPO4 - Battery Peak Discharge Rate vs. Motor Peak Amps
  180. Diy 50amp Battery Tap el cheapo suggestions or how long to light 14 guage wire on fir
  181. Charging while under load?
  182. Please recommend a powerful charger
  183. Lithium battery config
  184. A123 7s3p packs and other options
  185. Need advice on 12volt Lithium "accessory" battery build
  186. Batteries needed
  187. Battery pack alfa spider
  188. Battery pack alfa spider
  189. Lithium over Lead? It's really not that clear.
  190. Replacement AGM batteries for Miles ZX40s
  191. BMS from EVAssemble
  192. charging package
  193. Importing LiFePO4 to US?
  194. hipower lipos?
  195. charging unit
  196. Capactiors in parralel
  197. Recharge battery while i'am driving
  198. trojan27tmh
  199. charger nicad pluged on lead acid
  200. A123 cell info needed
  201. Hey leadheads
  202. Zivan NG3 Wiring
  203. best lipo pack?
  204. Industrial traction batteries
  205. Probably well-trodden ground
  206. Audi TT kostov 11" soliton 1, Whats the best battery pack?
  207. Gbs lfmp 100ah on golf car
  208. Lithium Storage Inc. purchase experience
  209. Headway battery packs?
  210. Using Elcon PFC2000+ with Lead algorithm for Lithium?
  211. Alternative Li-Ion Sources
  212. Battery pack configuration Audi tt
  213. Inductive chargers
  214. Thru Motor Charging Plans????
  215. New Elcon 2500 - Flashing Red/Green
  216. Are there any BMS with EMI certificate
  217. CV charging based on individual cell voltages instead of pack voltage?
  218. Electric car fire
  219. Gel cell batteries to Lithium Battery
  220. On screen individual cell monitering
  221. Lester charger question
  222. ZEVA Fuel Gauge driver help... (polarity)
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  224. Lithium Info Links
  225. Using a DC Supply to Charge Lithium Traction Pack
  226. A123 price check
  227. LiFePO4 Update
  228. Haiyin Lipo Cells on the Track!
  229. charge in Parallel / Discharge in Series
  230. Battery Pack Calculator (Spreadsheet)
  231. Difference in A123 20Ah USA vs Korean cells
  232. Saft batteries
  233. Charging by Using Regen
  234. charge current not tapering off! help!
  235. Battery Spreadsheet, Any Mistakes?
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  237. Sinopoly Duty Cost into US
  238. LiFePO4 Future Availability and Pricing
  239. Lead Acid vs Lithium Ion batteries
  240. Floodie / Lithium hybrid battery experiment
  241. CALB quality slipping?
  242. Zivan charger master / slave set up?
  243. Delta Quiq charger
  244. Anyone watching A123 Financial Problems?
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  246. Xantrex LinkPro incorrect voltage reading... HELP!
  247. Sinopoly or CALB
  248. need mileage estimate
  249. A123 Having Financial Trouble
  250. Vanadium Redox Batteries