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  1. Tach Signal Generation
  2. Field switching as a transmission?
  3. any DC motors with directional internal fan?
  4. At what point does BLDC start to lose the race?
  5. Many Months Past I Posted a Warning....
  6. brush holder help
  7. Remove fan from Armature
  8. Finding the right motor
  9. List of electric motors
  10. Couple questions on voltage & controllers for Hub motor
  11. Nikko Forklift motor... how to control it?
  12. Dual ME1003s
  13. 3 Phase Induction Motors in Cars.
  14. Thinking about selling my 13" ge motor.
  15. Motor range.
  16. Conversion project Honda eX-11 started
  17. Combining Motors
  18. Jet-starter engine, DC compound.
  19. using this motor for a bicycle conversion
  20. Factors that determine motor efficiency
  21. Possible EV motor Ford Fiesta
  22. Warp motor rpm
  23. Armature temp
  24. adc fb1-4001a brushes
  25. Change voltage
  26. Motor Mounts?
  27. 48v forklift motor
  28. ME0709 Shipping Damage?
  29. 34 bus
  30. TEMR 50 & 1238R-7601 controller
  31. Forklift motor spinning direction
  32. Retro-fitting a liquid cooling system to a motor
  33. how much voltage can a 48v 13.7 kw motor take?
  34. Dual motors and power
  35. What is cheapest solution for 90kw peak 200kw
  36. No load motor test 12 v
  37. BAS Alternator-Starter
  38. 15,000 RPM Dc motor
  39. DIY DC Motor help
  40. Why we don't use ..............
  41. me0913 me1002 What is the difference
  42. Cleaning out DC bursh motor?
  43. AC 400V 215kw (289hp) 488Nm (360ftlb)
  44. Has anyone here disassembled an induction motor?
  45. in hub motors
  46. What's the minimum torque for safe driving in city and hwy?
  47. Help on DC servomotor identification
  48. Prestolite MVB/MVD 4001 vs. Advanced A00-4009
  49. AC50 with the UNITEK bamocar D3
  50. Can you overvolt a Sep ex motor
  51. NetGain Warp 9 or Kostov K11 Motor?
  52. HPG AC motors direct drive?
  53. Direct drive motor and gear ratio to use
  54. Rebuild: Is it time?
  55. Westinghouse motor? 4.5hp @36v
  56. D&D ES-31C for a small car?
  57. Warp 9
  58. Motor in NC?
  59. 11" Dayton 3 phase AC industrial motor
  60. Kostov dual 220V 9" or single Netgain Warp11HV
  61. I Love it!
  62. Plasmerg motors
  63. Need Help From the Motors experts!
  64. Found a motor, need info fast
  65. Soldering Motor Internals
  66. Looking at forklift motors, need help!
  67. Motor question
  68. Effect of motor length on a SepEx motor's performance
  69. I want to find a high torque motor...
  70. golden motor 20kw peak motor
  71. impulse 9
  72. Miles ZX40 worn motor brush springs :( where?
  73. Cost to repair?
  74. Motor Not Responding
  75. Kostov 220v 9" more torque per amp than Warp9?
  76. Go Kart Series Motor Regen
  77. Motor limits
  78. Motor Mars ME1003 any good/experience
  79. certification
  80. KLD Motor Question
  81. Dividing power evenly between dual motors?
  82. Moving car on 12V with jumper cables
  83. Michael Pethel's New Netgain Racing Motors!
  84. whether there is an economic electric motor?
  85. Cooling airstream direction
  86. interest in UQM 150 motor / controller?
  87. AC50 for medium size car?
  88. What to look for in an AC motor?
  89. Why are DC motor modifications so costly?
  90. A question of direction (ccw to cw)
  91. Outrunner Brushless Motor vs DC Inrunner
  92. Kostov K11 Alpha?
  93. Motor dead AGAIN
  94. Kostov motor size
  95. Brushed vs Brushless in EV use.
  96. Will it fit?
  97. HPB AC Motors
  98. What are the benefits of a dual motor setup?
  99. Interesting Motor Thread
  100. Anyone interested in an AC50 motor?
  101. Which is this motor ?
  102. Armature adventure
  103. Motor Spinning in Reverse!
  104. Confounding Compound
  105. Kostov Different Sepex Field currents ranges
  106. Can anyone tell me what this motor is
  107. Three phase motor - rewinding and speed
  108. Most efficient RPM
  109. How do I chose the proper motor?
  110. new type of motor
  111. Kostov 11" spigot clearance
  112. Anyone know anything about this WEMOCO motor?
  113. 11 inch chinese motor
  114. Not a vehicle motor but check this thing out!
  115. 240$ for this...what do you think?
  116. Need advice on two ebay motors..
  117. Hondas and reverse rotation effects on brushes - Warp 9
  118. Motor torque vs engine torque?
  119. If an electric motor produces max torque at 0 RPM, do I still need a transmission?
  120. AU1829M Wiring
  121. Electric motors in boats
  122. Brushed DC heat generation Amps vs Voltage
  123. Perm 132 72V CCW Rotation
  124. 12v motors
  125. motor vs. road grit?
  126. Info on Rimac and Tesla motors
  127. Identify winding scheme, induction motor
  128. D&D ES-31 vs ES-67 operated at 96Volts
  129. AEG AM100ls4
  130. kostov
  131. How to tell series or shunt wound motor apart
  132. This might be small but?
  133. Please advise a high torque EV asynchronous motor
  134. AC engine for a 4000 lbs EV
  135. Motor Question
  136. Homemade BLDC motor From Ac Motor Stator
  137. Beginner Motor Questions
  138. 15-hp out of a tiny alternator 2013 Buick
  139. Motor Selection Clarification using OpenRevolt needed
  140. How to advance the timing on aMT1400 motor
  141. How much torque can my transmission take?
  142. Honda insight motor to power ev
  143. Electric VW Beetle Project
  144. Kostov 11"
  145. I have to chose: 9 or 11?
  146. Motor Help
  147. Possibly over sped motor (Warp 9) - What to do?
  148. Milk Float Motor
  149. Where to find a splined sprocket for Nikko forklift motor?
  150. Sepex differences
  151. Question regarding AC Induction motor rotors
  152. what is the normal voltage of a d&d motor
  153. Electric Motor Design/Performance Limitations BDC BLDC AC
  154. AMD FB1-4001 motor failure
  155. Reverse kludge acceptable?
  156. AC induction motor thoughts
  157. Baldor motor ok for conversion?
  158. Formula Hybrid
  159. sourcing a 3-phasebdc motor?
  160. Copper Rotor
  161. Pininfarina bluecar electric motor
  162. Reversable 3 wire wired field DC motor ?
  163. Need with wiring a motor up
  164. Lightest 50-55 HP motor?
  165. GE aircraft generator
  166. 8" ADC comm dia. and brush size?
  167. Protean In Wheel Motor
  168. Mars ME0913
  169. Conversion BMW Z3 which motor fits best?
  170. informative video on motors and how they work
  171. 8" motor Helwig Brush Upgrade Bulk Buy...
  172. 3 phase a/c motor, a rotating transformer?
  173. Chevy Spark Motor
  174. Scott Drive 100kW AC motor & controller
  175. Tail Shaft Question
  176. DIY Blower kit for DC motor
  177. Fake Netgain motor
  178. Volts vs Amps in DC motors
  179. Ge motor
  180. Help with motor decision (Kostov vs NetGain)
  181. Great site if you don't have a tach.
  182. re-winding?
  183. HV Motor Question
  184. Fake Netgain WarP9....what is it really?
  185. 72v with Advanced 8 or 9in motor
  186. Would a 3 Phase 10 HP 1750 rpm Motor Work For An EV Car?
  187. 9" GE Bradley GT Motor
  188. Pump motor problems
  189. Bench Testing 36V forklift motors
  190. 3 phase 15 hp ac.motor work?
  191. Kostov Tach Sensor Problem
  192. dual ac motors possible?
  193. Computer Case Fan for Motor Cooling
  194. electric motor problem
  195. Anyone buy Remy HVH250R4 motor?
  196. Question about a hub motor...
  197. anybody build their own EV motor?
  198. Direct Drive
  199. Anyone know this PMS motor?
  200. Advance brushes on DC motor
  201. Ideal motor for power bursts to move car
  202. Engine squeal
  203. Coupling two AC Motors
  204. I need a Motor rebuilder in Los Angeles
  205. Perfomance of AC55-A motor & UMOC 445f controller.
  206. Azure/Solectria AC55 real world feedback?
  207. I run cross " 150kW Brushless PM Motor for Vehicle with drive
  208. Reversal and regeneration for series wound DC motors
  209. How to connect the sepex motor in series?
  210. 60 HP ...830lbs AC Motor...will it work???
  211. Hooking 24volt motor to 12volt to test
  212. New AC motor system from HPEVS
  213. Jordy's UK EV Racer
  214. Gen 2 Prius Transaxle power?
  215. hi I can't fully understand remy250 motors
  216. Am i understanding DC vs AC correctly?
  217. Thermal sensor in Huari scooter motor
  218. DC Motor Suppliers - UK
  219. what motor
  220. 48V v/s 120V
  221. D&d es-31c
  222. Motor mount plate thickness
  223. Direct Drive Motor
  224. this is silly question using remy as generator
  225. "Pepperoni Pizza" motor
  226. Motor shaft replacement/modification
  227. BLDC controllers suitable for very low inductance motors
  228. University team interested in selling 2x agni 95R's and Kelly controllers
  229. Warp 11" with Helwig Brush Kit!
  230. High torque low rpm hub motor
  231. 20 kW water cooled engine
  232. Brush advance
  233. Info on Mobility Chair Motor
  234. which motor is better?
  235. Reciprocating solenoid motors and other alternative designs
  236. cheep dc motor 7.5-30kw
  237. Direct drive without driveshaft?
  238. New build, AC or DC advantages or dis...
  239. MT University Hub Motors for hybrid
  240. 100kw BLDC RFTR CPM "Made in Germany"
  241. Max safe revs for Kostov10" ?
  242. Multiple-motor design with multiple speed gear drive for wheel motor or other use
  243. About the specific power
  244. Mars/Etek/Perm style brushed DC motors.
  245. Perm Motors
  246. What will the elements do to my motor?
  247. Track driving and motor heat
  248. Simple way to test a motor?
  249. 7" 24v forklift motor sufficient for 30mph?
  250. Good article on brushless DC?