david85's "nothing yet..."

Vehicle Name: nothing yet...
Builder: david85
Started: 2008-11-18
Est. Finish: 2010-02-18
Build Duration: 457 days
Build Hours: n/a
% Complete: 95%
Added: 2009-11-17
Last Updated: 2011-10-29
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Donor Vehicle: 1996 Saturn SL1 4 door base model
Donor Cost: n/a
Conversion Cost: n/a
Total Cost: n/a

- Performance and Range -
Max Power: 35 kW
Top Speed: 80 mph
Acceleration: unknown
Final Weight: 2900 lbs
Range at 30: n/a
Range at 55: 85 miles
- Batteries / Charging -
Battery Type: LifePO4
Battery Manufacturer: Zhuhai Sanchuan Electronic Technology Co.Ltd
Battery Configuration: 48 cells in series. 200ah each. Total energy ~30.7kwh
Battery Pack Voltage: 144v
Charger: Hipower
Charge Time: unknown. 8 hours guess
- Drivetrain -
Controller: Soliton Junior (500 amp)
Motor: Warp 9"
- Accessories / Other -
DC-DC Converter: Tannic
Air Conditioning: none
Power Steering: none
Brakes: vacuum
Tires: Stock all seasons
Other Notes: Car needed some rust repair before work started on the conversion. Donor had 320000 ks on it (195520 miles) when I bought it. Still ran well but oil and coolant were mixing. Radio busted. $750 Price was good since it has new tires and was in good overall shape. Design goal was for a real world range of 100 miles per charge and top speed above 60 MPH (hoping for 70). Another goal was to not cripple the car for the conversion. That means trunk and seating capacity stays the same. So far, this seems to be on track to work out as planned. Update 1 Car was showing potential, but a loose connection inside the controller caused a small internal fire. Parts will be ordered to repair it. Update 2 Controller has been repaired and is working again. Update 3. Road testing has started and performance specs will be uploaded as results come in. Update 4. Now running a clutch Update 5. BLDC system proved unreiable and has been replaced with a warP 9" brushed motor being fed through a soliton Jr controller
- Stats -
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