jockepocke's "Volvo 440 Electric"

Vehicle Name: Volvo 440 Electric
Builder: jockepocke
Started: 2009-07-01
Est. Finish: 2010-12-01
Build Duration: 518 days
Build Hours: 200
% Complete: 97%
Added: 2009-11-25
Last Updated: 2010-10-17
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Donor Vehicle: 1990 Volvo 440 GLT
Donor Cost: $370
Conversion Cost: $7,000
Total Cost: $7,370

- Performance and Range -
Max Power: 24 kW
Top Speed: 56 mph
Acceleration: Good in low speeds
Final Weight: n/a
Range at 30: n/a
Range at 55: n/a
- Batteries / Charging -
Battery Type: Flooded Lead Acid
Battery Manufacturer: Crown
Battery Configuration: 10 FLA 12 V 105 Ah deep cycle in series for motor, one 12 v 105 Ah deep cycle + original car battery in parallell for car 12 v system such as headlights. No DC/DC. One 120 V 8 A charger, one 12 V 12 A charger (for 12 v auxiliary battery).
Battery Pack Voltage: 120v
Charger: China, 8 + 10x 1 amp charger for balancing
Charge Time: 12 h
- Drivetrain -
Controller: Phoenix T62 (elektrosistem, Italy)
Motor: ABB GN 21 RN, separately excited, 16,3 Kw nominal, 25 kw peak
- Accessories / Other -
DC-DC Converter: None
Air Conditioning: No
Power Steering: No (removed)
Brakes: Yes, original electric vacuum pump
Tires: Michelin Energy
Other Notes: My first car ever! Single geared and separately excited. FLA to keep costs down. Got it to drive today! Not that fast, but working! Chargers are working fine. Need to add insulation to the batteries, getting cold outside, we are all freezing! Batteries insulated and all cables are made. Range is calculated to about 40 km. I have now installed a 150 W heater to defrost windshield. Made of an old hairdryer and works perfect! Thanks to help from Major I managed to program the controller much better, and top speed is now 90 km/h at 7000 motor rpm. It drives much smoother now too. I also got two bad batteries replaced by guarantee. I have made Lee Harts shunt-type battery balancers and put on each battery, with minor modifications, and they work fine. I am currently working on 10 LED bargraph voltage monitors, one for each battery, but am awaiting parts that were not in stock. Bargraph monitors are done, and testing revealed several bad batteries, so I am currently awaiting 8 new ones from factory... Should have known something was up when I managed to get such a good price on the batteries! I have also bough ten small chargers, one for each battery, to keep them balanced, and I removed the home-built balancers as they by-passed to little current (and because 10 additional chargers give me 10% shorter charging time instead of longer time).
- Stats -
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