bluefxstc's "300EV"

Vehicle Name: 300EV
Builder: bluefxstc
Started: 2010-02-21
Finished: 2011-02-25
Build Duration: 369 days
Build Hours: 800
% Complete: 99%
Added: 2010-02-24
Last Updated: 2017-04-01
Donor Vehicle: 1986 Nissan 300 ZX
Donor Cost: $450
Conversion Cost: $17,500
Total Cost: $17,950

- Performance and Range -
Max Power: n/a
Top Speed: 85 mph
Acceleration: good, similar to 300 w/ice
Final Weight: 3300 lbs
Range at 30: 100 miles
Range at 55: 80 miles
- Batteries / Charging -
Battery Type: LifePO4
Battery Manufacturer: CALB
Battery Configuration: 47 SE 180AW in series for 25920KW
Battery Pack Voltage: 153v
Charger: Elcon 2500W
Charge Time: 6 Hrs at 50% DOD
- Drivetrain -
Controller: Soliton 1
Motor: ADC 9 Inch
- Accessories / Other -
DC-DC Converter: 800W
Air Conditioning: T-Top :)
Power Steering: Yes
Brakes: Stock Vac
Tires: Stock
Other Notes: I already had the motor and controller from an earlier conversion so I will use that. Desired range is about 50 miles with a mix of city and freeway. My commute is 22 round trip. ICE and all accessories are out and reassembly started. Clutchless adapter, motor mount and battery boxes (fiberglass) are built Se 180 AH are on order and should be here the end of August 2010. Using 8kw of batteries per MPG gives me about 45-50 miles range at 70% DOD so I am happy with that. By my calculations weight should be within about 50 lbs of stock after modification with about the same weight distribution. For a heater I used some 1.25 inch pipe, a 3500W/220V water heater element, a mercury switch to control the power and an auxiliary water pump from a Mercedes. The first heater element I tried was only 1500W but it would only get the air to about 65-70F with an out side temp of 40F. With the 3500W element I am able to get the water and air to about 80F on a 35F day and it heats up in about 5 minutes. All told the heater cost about $100 and $70 of that was for the pump. First drive was 1-22-11. Put about 22 miles on the car in my neighborhood to test it. Acceleration was acceptable and so far I have gone as fast as 45 miles per hr with no unusual vibration. I am pretty happy with that especially since I built the motor mount. Clutchless shifting was pretty easy and adapter seems to be working well. I am working on my first charge of the SE180s. I only have a 2500W charger and am currently working off a 120v so it will take a while. This is what I want to make sure everything works. Once fully operational I should be able to charge in 3-4 hrs with 220 VAC since my normal work commute is 21 miles round trip. I am also having problems with the voltage divider I purchased for the Zanntrex and the tach is not working. The voltage divider for the Zanntrex should be relatively easy to fix and we will see about the tach. If I can’t get it working it will not be the end of the world. I might purchase a fuel guage/amp meter from EVWorks which will utilize the tach as an amp meter. Currently don’t have the hood or nose of car installed but hope to have that complete by 1-30-11 but the car is alive. One more EV is on the road! 1-11-12 update. Well just before Christmas my old Curtis decided it had had enough and started smoking, only for a short time though. The car started to surge, I pulled over and smoke was coming out of the hood so I hit the emergency stop. Towed the car back home (about 1 mile, lucky) and the plastic plate by the terminals was pushed out and had soot from the smoke. Instead of fixing the Curtis I decided to go with a Soliton 1. I made the purchase from Electric Car Company who advertised on this site. They treated me right, I recommend them. Good people to deal with. Boy what a difference. Great controller, but significantly larger than the Curtis. To install I had to lower the plate I had everything mounted on about 2 inches but it was worth all the effort. Car runs much better. Still need to hook up the liquid cooling, I will get that before the summer but really like the controller. 4-1-2017 Car still running good. Daily driver. About 30K miles electric. Drive it every day we don't have snow and then I drive front wheel drive vehicle for better control.
- Stats -
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