lowcrawler's "Plug Bug"
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Vehicle Name: Plug Bug
Builder: lowcrawler
Started: 2011-08-20
Finished: 2011-12-18
Build Duration: 120 days
Build Hours: 100
% Complete: 95%
Added: 2012-04-02
Last Updated: 2012-08-20
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Donor Vehicle: 1970 Volkswagen Beetle
Donor Cost: $3,750
Conversion Cost: $15,000
Total Cost: $18,750
- Performance and Range -
Max Power: 94 kW
Top Speed: 75 mph
Acceleration: Considerably better than stock
Final Weight: n/a
Range at 30: n/a
Range at 55: 45 miles
- Batteries / Charging -
Battery Type: LifePO4
Battery Manufacturer: CALB
Battery Configuration: 48 x 100Ah CALB cells in series
Battery Pack Voltage: 157v
Charger: Elcon PFC2500
Charge Time: 
- Drivetrain -
Controller: Soliton Jr
Motor: Netgain WarP9
- Accessories / Other -
DC-DC Converter: Belktronix 675W
Air Conditioning: None
Power Steering: None
Brakes: None
Tires: Stock
Other Notes: Done and took test drives in Dec. Added components (EV Fuel Gauge driver, rewiring original lighting, tidying wires, bms connections, etc) for the next few months. Ceramic heaters, water-shielding for rain, and moving the plug-in to the gas-spout still need to be installed before calling it 100% complete. Max ranges not tested yet, but theoretical should be in the 40-50 mile range. Longest I've gone so far is 39 miles (50% @ 65mph freeway) and the MiniBMS hasn't given me a low-voltage beep yet. As of Aug 20, 2012 I've put about 3,000 miles on it total using it almost every day.
- Stats -
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