veperformance's "evgta"

Vehicle Name: evgta
Builder: veperformance
Started: 2007-01-01
Est. Finish: 2008-12-31
Build Duration: 730 days
Build Hours: n/a
% Complete: 65%
Added: 2008-07-28
Last Updated: 2009-07-09
Main Build Thread
Donor Vehicle: 1989 Pontiac transam gta
Donor Cost: free
Conversion Cost: n/a
Total Cost: free

- Performance and Range -
Max Power: n/a
Top Speed: n/a
Final Weight: n/a
Range at 30: 85 miles
Range at 55: n/a
- Batteries / Charging -
Battery Type: Sealed Lead Acid
Battery Manufacturer: exide
Battery Configuration: 12 x 12v for propulsion and custom 12v100ah lifepo4 for controller and accessories
Battery Pack Voltage: 144v
Charger: direct pwm with bms modules
Charge Time: 8 hrs
- Drivetrain -
Controller: custom made
Motor: custom made p.m. 50kw
- Accessories / Other -
DC-DC Converter: none
Air Conditioning: no
Power Steering: manual rack and pinion
Brakes: wildwood racing master
Tires: 225-55-17
Other Notes: not completed yet but running
- Stats -
Page Views: 2451
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