Baratong's "Thistle"

Vehicle Name: Thistle
Builder: Baratong
Started: 2013-10-14
Est. Finish: 2016-05-27
Build Duration: 956 days
Build Hours: n/a
% Complete: 99%
Added: 2016-04-14
Last Updated: 2016-11-07
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Donor Vehicle: 1979 Triumph Spitfire
Donor Cost: $1,700
Conversion Cost: $19,500
Total Cost: $21,200

- Performance and Range -
Max Power: 72 kW
Top Speed: n/a
Final Weight: n/a
Range at 30: n/a
Range at 55: n/a
- Batteries / Charging -
Battery Type: LifePO4
Battery Manufacturer: CALB
Battery Configuration: 44S 100ah
Battery Pack Voltage: 141v
Charger: Thunderstruck TSM2500
Charge Time: 5 hours
- Drivetrain -
Controller: Open Revolt
Motor: Warp9
- Accessories / Other -
DC-DC Converter: None
Air Conditioning: None
Power Steering: 
Other Notes: I built in a 4-cell LiFePO4 pack for the 12v system. I built into the car a dedicated 4-cell charger that receives AC whenever the car is plugged in. This automatically charges the 12v pack whenever the main pack is charging. Video of first drive:
- Stats -
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