pkirchman's "Electron Transport II"
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Vehicle Name: Electron Transport II
Builder: pkirchman
Started: 2017-02-26
Est. Finish: 2017-04-16
Build Duration: 49 days
Build Hours: n/a
% Complete: 0%
Added: 2017-02-13
Last Updated: 2017-02-13
Donor Vehicle: 2000 Mazda Miata
Donor Cost: $3,400
Conversion Cost: n/a
Total Cost: $3,400
- Performance and Range -
Max Power: n/a
Top Speed: n/a
Final Weight: n/a
Range at 30: n/a
Range at 55: n/a
- Batteries / Charging -
Battery Type: Lithium Ion
Battery Manufacturer: AESC
Battery Configuration: 16s3p (actually, since these are Nissan Leaf batteries there are already 2 in parallel in each module so maybe the correct terminology is 16s6p). Thinking about adding 6 more modules to get to 18s3p and 135v nominal.
Battery Pack Voltage: 120v
Charger: PFC 20
Charge Time: 
- Drivetrain -
Controller: Logisystems
Motor: Netgain Impulse 9
- Accessories / Other -
DC-DC Converter: 
Air Conditioning: planned
Power Steering: no
Brakes: vacuum pump
Other Notes: using parts from electron transport I ( and Leaf batteries.
- Stats -
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