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      Agreed on the learning to drive! That's why my son's quad will be the learning one... Already swapped in a harbor freight 212 cc engine as a project, but now it's time to up the game!

      Phase one will be ev transform, phase 2 may incorporate a gear box, phase 3 will be extended range. We will see how that plays out.

      With the motorcycle, how fast did it her up to and how long does it drive? Might seek out similar hardware for the big quad.

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      I did several go carts but, El Moto was my first "bigger" electric conversion project

      I wanted to start off small & slow (baby steps) until I understood everything & felt more comfortable

      So, I mounted everything on a Dingo go kart "El Dingo" (Electric Dingo)

      It's kind of a long story but, I got suckered by an ad that said:

      "Build a super fast go cart"

      "NO expensive speed controller required" "

      "let your battery voltage be your speed controller"

      ...the ad even showed an example titled as "Concept of battery speed controller" which was just a "slide throttle"

      Well, (from personal experience) it's NOT a good idea

      It was like driving an old hot rod car with a shift kit in the transmission

      ...when you "got on it"

      ..."it would chirp the tires & kinda bang the gears

      ...really, really hard

      It banged so hard that stretched the chain & bent the motor mounting bracket on the first (& only) test drive

      Then, I got a proper speed controller :D

      Back to the question

      El Moto started off running at 36V (3- 12V 35AH SLA solar batteries from Harbor Freight)

      ...then, I upgraded to 48V by adding another, 12V 12Ah battery

      When running at 36V it had a top speed of ~25mph & ~30 min. run time

      When running at 48V the top speed increased to ~35 mph but, the run time seemed to decrease dramatically


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