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      2011 Ford Transit Connect Electric
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      Hi guys

      I have a 2012 AZD transit connect with only 82 miles on the clock.
      When I got it, it did not run or charge, and I found two cells at 0v.
      I replaced one of the cells, and the other cell charged up and holds a charge fine.

      Btw, I made the replacement cell out of 21 18650 cells in parallel from a 2016 Model S ;-)
      pics: Shared items 11-13-2017 1

      Anyway, after fixing everything else and putting the pack back together I got the van so it can drive, ac works, etc.
      But pack 2 is throwing errors and wont come online. So the van runs in limp mode and won't charge.

      Here are the codes:
      -----ESS Pack 2 Info Codes-----
      P0AFC-49 Hybrid Battery Pack Sensor Module
      P0B3F-F1 Hybrid Battery Voltage Sense A Circuit Intermittent / Erratic

      -----VCU DTC-----
      P1A28 Battery Control Module "B" Critical Fault (same as P1A20)
      P1A8B HV Discharger Status Circuit High

      Anyone have any parts or insight?
      Hello, I heard that this is the battery goes in to these 2011 Ford transit connect vans.
      I found this batteries on Ali Express. Each cell is 50Ah 3.7V. Dimensions are 55mm by 210mm. But before I order, I just want to confirm that these cells are going to fit for the existing battery pack compartment of the 2011 Electric Ford transit connect.

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