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      Today i purchased a EV Project Car.
      It is a 1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse which had previously been converted to Electric by somebody else. I found it through a Craigslist AD and got it for what i think is pretty cheap. I was not buying it from the original builder so i cannot get questions answered there.

      It looks like most of the electronics are missing. I was told that the controller and batteries were sold on ebay, however now that i have it and have looked around, it seems like its missing a bit more than just that. i am assuming a vehicle like this must also have a vacuum pump for the break booster to function, and another pump for the power steering to function. I am assuming that to make this vehicle road worthy certain electronics must also function such as ABS, and Airbags. I would prefer to start with a Pre-OBD vehicle so i don't have to worry about any electronics, but this will have to work for my first EV.

      I have experience with electronics and basic mechanical skills. But i have never done a project quite like this before. I was told this was a 120V setup. using 9 batteries, I am assuming they were 12v batteries which makes sense, 13.5x9=121.5 volts.

      The first thing i did before buying it is jack up one of the front tires and hook up a 48v battery pack that i made. I went through each of the gears and made sure that at least the tires are spinning and hopefully the transmission is alright. Then i tried and take a photo of the tag on the motor.
      It is facing the firewall so the best i can do is get my phone in there and try and snap a photo. It is hard to make out all the information.

      While the car is not legal, and the brakes barely work id like to get it moving a bit. at least that way i can make sure the transmission and clutch are working properly. but i need some kind of speed controller.
      My budget for this car is not vast. id like to do it as cheaply as possible.
      For the last 6 months i have been collecting and testing 18650 lithium battery cells. I have quite a collection building. i have over 800 cells. most of which i still need to test. I hope to use these to create my battery bank for this EV.
      I did spot this on ebay, but have no experience with speed controllers.

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      As promised, here is a text update on our progress!
      • We bought a used GE forklift motor. The motor has a SEPEX field and is capable of regen. I am not sure of the exact model number. It is capable of taking up to 120 vdc. We tested it, and it still works. Next step here is to disassemble and clean it. For those who like videos, we made a video about the motor here.
      • We bought a small quantity of 100 Ah 3.2vdc LiFePo4 batteries so that we can build a very basic circuit and start running tests. Wired in series, the batteries will total about 64vdc, which is about half what we expect to use, and we also roughly guess we will want 2 banks of them in parallel for 200 Ah. So, this is probably about a quarter of our final total of batteries. The batteries have a low charge and discharge rate: just 100 amps. But considering I can push the Acty uphill with one arm while there’s a passenger inside it, I think it will probably be fine. The calculation I did suggested that, even with the low discharge rate, 120vdc of these batteries would give us around 35 horsepower - almost exactly what the current engine offers. Anyway, if they don’t work for this, we’ll just sell them. Video about the batteries here.
      • We’ve built and installed an AM radio transmitter so that you can get phone audio over the car’s speaker. We’ve also installed a second speaker. (The car only came with one!) Videos about the transmitter are here: 1 2 3
      • We bought LED lights to replace the current lights in the car, and have been replacing them as the shipments arrive.
      • We’ve ordered spray insulation, which we’ll use to help the cab retain heat better in winters. Video about energy efficiency here.
      • We ordered this controller, which should also be capable of regen. I hope it works with our other systems. We don’t know much about how these things work. I’ll be coming back here for advice once it arrives. (If it doesn’t play nice with our batteries and motor, I’ll just hock it on eBay again.)
      • We ordered a cheap potentiometer pedal that I believe should work with the controller.
      Next up, we need a battery management system, and we’re not sure where to begin on that. Any suggestions?
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