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      Hi guys,

      Now that my electric motorbike is up and running (see, i'm thinking about my next major project.

      I'm planning to buy this kit car from Factory Five:

      and build it with an electric drive train.

      Final weight should be around 1150 kgs, i would like a 0-60 mph acceleration as close to 3.0 seconds as possible, street legal.

      could you suggest a motor, controller and battery pack for this kind of performance ? Don't need crazy top speed, 160 km/h is sufficient. Range should be above 150 km at 100 km/h.

      My simulation shows that i can fit in 29 kwh of Nissan LEAF batteries, so 60 modules, that's about 0.027 cubic meter for the volume you see in orange in attached drawing. WOuld like to run at around 200 volts. Battery, motor and transmission are all rear mounted.

      I'm planning to use a transmission, for now it's a Porsche G50 (1st gear 3.154, 5th gear 0.861, Ring and pinion 3.44, in pink in attached drawing), but i'm opened to your proposals.

      I don't have a lot of longitudinal space for the motor, in yellow, at the moment i'm showing an Emrax 268. I've got 165 mm between face of transmission and battery pack, so i'm looking for a thick cake rather than a long log :)

      Tires 335/30 18

      I attach my latest EVdesigner spreadsheet if ever,

      Budget is opened for the moment (until my wife hears about it :rolleyes:)

      Awaiting your ideas,
      3 second car, 400hp. Here you go:


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