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  1. Curtis 1231C - 500A DC Motor Controller, Heat Sink, Fan - $850

    This controller works great, I added a heat sink and 12v fan that keeps it cool even in Dallas 110F heat. The price includes the Controller, Heat Sink, fan, PB6 throttle and the angle aluminum stands I used to stand it up. The heat sink was milled flat, and attached with CPU heat sink compound...
  2. Curtis 1231C - 500A DC Motor Controller, Heat Sink, Fan - $850

    See Full Description/Pictures here Thanks Mike woodust at 469. two six eight . 0968 cell Dallas, Tx
  3. Curtis 1231C, pedal and heatsink

    Hello from Sydney, Australia. I have a few excess items left over from my conversion which I've put up for sale on eBay. 1) A Curtis 1231C-8601 controller, with FB6 footpedal. I never used this controller or pedal, since I decided to install the Zeva instead. I bought it from Swinburne Uni in...
  4. Never used curtis 1231c for sale. $1200obo

    This controller was bought 2 years ago for an S10 conversion that was never finished. It has never been connected or exposed to the elements. I can email pictures if you are interested. Again, the unit is in perfect shape, no scratches, the contacts have never been connected.
  5. Curtis to Soliton update - consumption?

    My conversion (Volkswagen New Beetle) had done 3.700 miles so far (2.100 miles with an D&D motor, 1.600 miles with a Warp9). I used a Curtis Controller (1221C upgraded to 1231C) all the time and consumed 37 kWh/100mi or 370Wh/mi (charge included). At a car weight 2866 lbs (1300kg) it's OK, but...
  6. Curtis 1231C-8601 controller issues

    120V lead acid car Problem 1 When I drive my car I will sometimes get a 400 amp acceleration boost. This has just started happening to me. I have had it hit 400 amps for two seconds in first gear at full throttle, but now I will sometimes get 400 continuous amps while driving 35mph or...
  7. NetGain Warp 9 - Curtis 1231C @144V

    EV Performance
    I'm planning another conversion (still at the beginning) and would be thankfull about your opinnions about this constellation: NetGain Warp 9 - Curtis 1231C @144V My first conversion (VW New Beetle) is driven by a D&D ES-31B and a Curtis 1221C @ 120V It works, but with 50mph "comfort speed" it...