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  1. Programming Curtis 1238R for Clutch-RegenOff

    My setup is Ac35 with Curtis 1238R-7601. I'm using Curtis Windows software (Curtis1314v3.12) for programming the controller. Software has "Neutral Braking" which is used for Amount Regen for Throttle-Off. I added another wire for enabling Clutch. I want to program "Shift Neutral Braking", when...
  2. Help Please. Curtis 1238 shows fault code 17 and 23

    Hi everyone. Here is the situation; Have 1238 controller to AC-12 motor. 72 volt system. Was driving it and it cut out. Let sit for a minute, flipped switch a few times, after multiple attempts it ran again. Noticed motor was overheated slightly. Next day adjusted encoder steps from 128 to 64...