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3 phase

  1. Reflected waves in PWM IGBT drives

    I just happened upon an informative article about high voltage reflectred waves resulting from PWM drives and the interaction of the high frequency waveforms with the cables and the motor insulation and inductance: This...
  2. Hydrogen Fuel Cell, 3 Phase Motor Drive.

    Technical Discussion
    Hi All I am currently working on a project to design and build a working 3phase motor drive with torque vectoring and regenerative braking from scratch. It is part of the bigger project to build a Hydrogen Fuel Cell vehicle from scratch. The fuel cell is not my concern, it operates as a 90V...
  3. Charging by Using Regen

    Batteries and Charging
    I have a crazy Idea, if it has already been mentioned in another thread feel free to delete this one. In a 3 Phase System: Could you Disconnect the Wires from the Controller to the motor and then feed Grid 3Phase 50/60hz ~415/450VAC into the same wires? The Controller would think it was getting...
  4. Planning 1965 Plymouth Valiant Conversion

    All EV Conversions and Builds
    Just joined the forum and... Skill Level: I know how to take a car apart and rebuild it. mechanically/electrically inclined. Range: i've already worked out perpetual energy source= limitless(semi-willing to discuss legitimately) Performance: the highest possible, power is no concern (see...
  5. Solectria AC55 Motor Wiring

    Electric Motors
    I have a used Solectria AC55-a motor and the phase wires were separated, so the motor has 12 leads. I need to know how to properly connect the leads. The wires are labeled 1,1, 2,2, ... 6,6 When I used an ohm meter I discovered the wires of same windings were (1 4),(1 4),(2 5)... I have six...