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  1. Electric 3phase AC motors in India

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    Hi all, Me and my friend have decided to build electric go kart. We want to participate in Go karting competitions. The primary reason is fun and also learn everything possible about EVs. We have decided to start on something small(1KW motor, VFD, Li-ion battery) and then scale up to high...
  2. Jd"s red neck truck

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    Announcing the one month birthday of SHAZAM! my electric truck. One month ago with much effort and few fla batteries he hopped of of the ramps and tasted pavement as an ev. Made the first few laps around the neighborhood, and carried his first k9 and human passengers. After a month of very...
  3. Nissan EXA 1989

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    Hello Everyone, My friend and I are considering an EV project down here in Geelong Australia. We've done a little bit of homework, purchased the Donor Car and have got our hands on a few Industrial 415VAC 3-Phase Motors. Here is the Summary, We would like to Build a 3-Phase controller...
  4. 600 V controller for 3 phase asynchronous motors

    Hi I am searching for a special kind of controller for 3 phase motors. The difference between my request and normal BLDC-controller is that I do not need the PWM and sensing. I have tried to google a hex-program that do not have the PWM included, but all is using PWM to regulate the speed of...