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48 volt

  1. Looking for suggestions for 48 Volt DC motor

    Electric Motors
    Hello, i represent a small upstart firm from Denmark. We are in the market for a lightweight, 48 volt dc electric motor. It can be with or without brushes. It should be able to produce 20Nm (~177lb-in) of torque at 2000RPM. Besides that it should also be able to deliver 5 kW (6,7hp) of power...
  2. Newbie hello AND my first question.

    New Member Introductions
    Hi, I am just beginning my EV project and I am very excited about it. I bought a cheap 82 Dodge Rampage with toasted engine, manual trans:), manual rack&pinion steering:), and, after a simple master cylinder change, manual brakes!:D No extra drag on motor, or vacuum pump, etc! I have been...
  3. Can I use a 48V Power Drive charger to charge 8 6 volt t-105 type batteries?

    Batteries and Charging
    I got a good deal on this charger but I didn't know it needed the Club Car computer to charge batteries. I intend to use it to charge eight 6 volt t-105 batteries for my Commuta-Car. I came across this guy on eBay who claims he knows how to modify it so you can charge your batteries without...
  4. can i use this controller in my commuta-car?

    Is this controller suitable for my Commuta-car? I understand Frankenswift had a 250 amp controller in it before upgrading. The ebay listing says it is for a Club Car DS 2000 and newer. Oh, and is it...