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  1. In the theory stages of an odd build and I'm not sure if it will be driveable.

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    Howdy everyone! So for starters, I'm about a year or so away from even starting this build. Second, it's going to have a gas generator and is going to be an overland 4x4 with a Land Rover Discovery II as a base. The original plan is to take something like a 2007+ Tahoe 4x4 and drop in the...
  2. 2wd ICE to 4wd Hybrid conversion question

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    Hello everyone! I have what I hope is a relatively easy to answer question: I want to convert a 2wd ICE vehicle to a 4wd-ish vehicle and i'm wondering, to transfer power to the front wheels I assume I will need to switch out the whole brake/wheel/front suspension assembly for a 4x4 one with...
  3. Looking into 07 Nissan Frontier Crew Cab 4x4 Conversion

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    My engine blew up in my truck 190k miles. Rebuild is $4k, crate is $10k. Junk yard wants $2.5k for just a used engine, miles don't matter. So now I have this truck that I dont know what to do with. I thought huh maybe I'll look into converting it to an electric vehicle. So this is my second...
  4. Ih Scout 80 EV conversion?

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    I am in the middle of a restore for a 1961 IH Scout model 80. 4x4, 3350 Curb Weight. I'm hoping to get 100 Miles per charge (commuting distance) Highway speeds (65 - 70) I'm not saying money is no object, but I want to do it right. AC Motor, Lithium batteries I have good mechanical skills and...
  5. 4x4 donor vehicle

    New Member Introductions
    Is a 1994 Ford Ranger 4x4 a good EV conversion candidate? I have not bought it yet. Does the 4x4 create an unexceptible drag on the system? Or is it a non problem
  6. Planning Suzuki SJ413 Conversion (4x4) UK

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    Afetrnoon all as you can tell i am new hear so thought i would post this for peoples thoughts I am contemplating a EV Build/conversion (with possiably robotic/autonomus features in the future) I am reasonable at basic mechanics with a sciance/enginering/maths background and have a pet mechanic...
  7. User Fabricated 4x4 EV questions / possibilitys

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    Custom Dual Motor 4x4 vehicle First and foremost Hello! I am a 19 year old student and full time employee at a sheet metal / HVAC companay. I am looking to get ahead of the automotive industry and construct my own vehicle so i figured why not make the jump to electric because i grow tired of...
  8. Noob Planning 4x4 Full size pickup conversion

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    I've been wanting to take on a new automotive project and I am leaning toward doing an EV conversion for a full size 4-door 4 wheel drive pickup. Once built, the plan it to make it my daily driver to/from work and for errands around town. Once I have the kinks out and feel confident, I'll take...