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  1. sepex controller for 96V motor ?

    Hello from south of France. I am searching a Separately Excitated Motor Controller for a 96V sepex motor. It's easy to find/48/72/80 V, but difficult to find for 96V sepex motors. This motor is the original motor of the Electric Piaggio Porter, a EU version of the Daihatsu Hijet electric...
  2. NEED HELP! 3000W electric bike battery set up

    Batteries and Charging
    hi to all! i'm trying to build a DIY 18650 battery pack out of the samsung INR 3500mahs and my configuration is 23 in parallel and 30 in series = 100Ah 96V. my confusion is on charging this beast. what is a good charger that doesn't blow up the battery pack but can charge it quickly. Any...
  3. Putting together two lithium (18650) packs in series

    Batteries and Charging
    Hello all, I've got a bit of a question. I'm looking to upgrade my battery pack to a home-made 18650 pack, but I know in the future I'm going to be doubling my voltage and upgrading the motor, controller etc. I can't afford to do this now, but I'm wondering if I can build half my pack now to...
  4. Need some magnets or junk NGM 96V motor for parts

    Parts Vendors
    I know this is a long shot but ... does anyone have or know where I can get some of the magnets from a NGM 96V solar car motor? I think the 48V motor also uses the same magnets. Even a motor that is scrap (with some magnets) would be OK. TNX
  5. Planning Beetle conversion

    All EV Conversions and Builds
    Your skill level with auto mechanics and fabrication Auto Mechanics: Some, but not a whole bunch. I have worked on my own cars without trouble, but not too fancy, however, I have friends who are much better car people who can help when I get stuck. Fabrication: I can build wood boxes, but...