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  1. A123 module charging question

    Batteries and Charging
    Hey everyone! I am currently working on a conversion and spotted these packs for sale on eBay. Now I know the dollar per kilowatt isn't that great on these, but I am trying to keep the costs low, so I plan to start out with a few of these for a proof of concept and then upgrade down the road...
  2. a123 Batteries

    Parts Vendors
    Hello! I am in China and have a friend who is looking for clients to export batteries to. Any potential buyers here? Next year, I will be buying some a123 20Ah pouches myself for an electric motorcycle project. PM me if you are interested! We can negotiate prices later.
  3. AVOID Victpower!!!

    Parts Vendors
    Look here for more detail on my disappointing experience:
  4. CAUTION about ShenZhen Victpower Technology Co.

    Batteries and Charging
    CAUTION about ShenZhen Victpower Technology Co. The bottom line is that they sent whatever they had on hand, including some totally junk/reject cells, and any guarantee they claim to offer is worthless. I knew I was taking a risk and can accept the ~10% loss but I would caution anyone...
  5. East Coast A123 Pouch Cell Group Buy

    I am thinking about the possibility of a group buy for some A123 pouch cells. I need 400 for my VW rebuild, so if a group buy can get to 1000 or more cells, the price break could be nice. I have a few feelers out for some pricing. If anyne has had a good experience with cost, quality, and...
  6. Standardized PL6 testing for A123 cells and compiling data

    Batteries and Charging
    I am using A123 20ah pouch cells and I know several other people here are too and I wanted to throw out an idea. I was thinking if we all used the same test program we could compile our data and compare results here on the forum. The goals would be: #1 A data base of all of our cells from...
  7. How can I reach A123 Systems!!

    Batteries and Charging
    How can I reach A123 Systems!! I'm living in Korea. And whenever call A123 systems, they just allow recording voice.. I call more than 10 times. And never email me back or call me back. I want to buy custom 20ah module packs or 23kw module.. But how can buy it without contact...
  8. can A123 AMP20M1HD-A cells be charged with 4C?

    Batteries and Charging
    Can the A123 AMP20 Prismatic Pouch AMP20M1HD-A cells be charged with 4C? The A123 page contains very little information: Nowhere I can find a datasheet of them, can someone point me to one? I only found a page of a German...
  9. A123 Developer Kit

    New Member Introductions
    Hi all, I was chasing some internet links around the other day and stumbled upon A123's Developer Kit: If I am reading this correctly you get 6 battery cells, each at 3.3v (for a total of 19.8v) for $129. For $220 you can double that to 12 cells to get...