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ac controller

  1. Hooking up curtis 1236 to a 208V motor

    Hi folks, Just getting started with some EV basics to build a vehicle prototype. I have a curtis 1236 controller - which accepts battery DC voltage in the range of 24-36V. I am wondering if it can be used to drive off the shelf industrial ac motors like this one...
  2. Elinta IDS-70 Controller / Charger / DC-DC converter unit

    Hello all, I've been component-hunting for a 144V conversion of a BMW E30 and stumbled across this Lithuanian outfit today. They make a combo controller, charger and DC DC unit called the IDS-70 that seems to be exactly what I'm looking for. I've just sent them a request for a quote but in the...
  3. Questions about AC vs DC conversions

    Electric Motors
    Firstly, i notice that most AC motors i'm finding are rated for lower voltage than their DC cousins. It's not hard to find a DC motor that takes up to 144 volts, while i'm having difficulty finding AC motors that accept over 100 volts. The AC motors i'm finding are rated for lower horsepower...
  4. AC Controller/motor matching?

    I have noticed that all ac setups come as a matched unit. If i am able to build an AC Controller based on an upgraded Circuit cellar design, Will i be able to match it to any ac motor that fits requirements? Also, Has anyone looked at used traction motors. They seem to be readily available. LAST...