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  1. For Sale: Azure Dynamics AC24, DMOC 145 and Mag Motor

    (3) Azure Dynamics AC24 P1F Motors for sale. -$300 obo each Part Number: MTA-010129 Rev C This forum has some relevant information, but the motor does have a slightly different part number: (1) Magmotor Corporation...
  2. Kewet EV for sale

    For Sale: 1993 Kewet El Jet 3 EV. Previous owner upgrades: Hpevs AC 50 AC motor and custom gearbox, Curtiss 650 amp 3 phase controller. Car is fast with fresh batteries. 120 volt 36 calb 60 amp/hr batteries. 240 volt Elcon Charger. Car runs but batteries are "tired". There are two cells that...
  3. I am Planning on Converting a 2000 Jeep Cherokee

    All EV Conversions and Builds
    I would like to use [this]( motor to run my jeep. I don't know how the voltage works for these motors and have not been able to find information on what to do for a battery. Do I need a battery capable of outputting 360v to...
  4. Planning EV Conversion - Vehicle TBD - Got some questions

    All EV Conversions and Builds
    I'll start with the basic info: • Top vehicle choices (currently): Honda CRX or Mini Cooper S • I have 3+ yrs experience as a Mechanical Engineer (CAD, Fabrication). Just a small portion has covered electrical, but nothing on the scale of an EV conversion • Desired range is at least 60 miles •...
  5. using 400V three phase industrial AC?

    Electric Motors
    Dear community, I am researching on building an EV from scratch . I have a possibility to use an industrial Motor which has following specs: Voltage= 400V +-5% Power= 22KW Current=41 Amps My question is, isnt 400 V AC (565 DC from battery using rms formula) supply too much in a car? What...
  6. Hooking up curtis 1236 to a 208V motor

    Hi folks, Just getting started with some EV basics to build a vehicle prototype. I have a curtis 1236 controller - which accepts battery DC voltage in the range of 24-36V. I am wondering if it can be used to drive off the shelf industrial ac motors like this one...
  7. Any 10-50kW EV controllers+motors for sale

    eBay EV-Related Auctions
    Hi, Looking to get my hand on any used EV controllers+ motors (preferably ac motors) for a personal EV project. Please reply if you have any for sale. Thx.
  8. 300+ Volt 3-Phase Motor?

    Electric Motors
    Hey Everyone, I am working on a test vehicle for a startup company, and I would like to know of suppliers (other than Tesla) for 3-phase AC induction motors operating from 300+ Volt sources. Our development pack has a nominal voltage of ~350 V, but I have only been able to find motors and...
  9. Azure Parts

    I have recently been in contact with a gentleman that has bought a large quantity of azure liquidation parts. He has had a tough time selling them and at this point is ready to take them all to the metal scrapper. This being said, I believe any reasonable offers will be accepted. I do not...
  10. possible max speed attainable with 1470 rpm ac motor

    Electric Motors
    The motor i'm planning to use in my conversion of 1500 kg (including battery) is an 11 kw ac three phase 1470 rpm motor. I'm planning to retain the transmission. What could be the approximate max speed of the vehicle in the top (5th) gear. The vehicle is a sedan car.
  11. For Sale: Brand-new 200-250 MES DEA AC Induction Motor - Liquid Cooled!

    The motor is the 200-250W it is rated up to 9,000RPM and 30kW continuous power so it is a very strong motor and was originally paired with a 100kW inverter. Big solid brass liquid cooling ports allow it to make that power yet be completely sealed up and about the same size as a 9 inch DC...
  12. Converting a 1967 MGB GT

    All EV Conversions and Builds
    Working on the conversion of my 67BGT. I've created a blog I'm going with AC Motor (may be I got scammed) and LiFePO Batteries I'm hoping to get to 70mph max. 80miles Range @55mph. The Progress will be updated here with a post, but details in the Blog above.
  13. London Taxi Conversion

    All EV Conversions and Builds
    Hi All! I have been following these forums for about a year now and I am considering taking the plunge and converting a vehicle. I am aiming to convert a London TX4 taxi into an electric vehicle and I am hoping you can all help me out :-) Specs here. The main aims of my project is to have a...
  14. University Conclusion Work - Low Cost Conversion Kit

    Electric Motors
    Hello guys!!! In my university conclusion work i'de like to create a low cost conversion kit. For this, i thought that a good idea it's to use a industrial AC motor on a old VW Beetle - maybe this is possible? How much HPs maybe i need? The AC control will be build by me, as part of...
  15. FS: Genuine GM EV1 / S-10E Drive Unit - AC Motor, Gearbox, Differential & Wiring

    Yes you read that right and this drive unit didn't get crushed, in fact it is new and un-used as it was purchased many years ago from someone who knew a GM dealer that had one! I've been saving it for a special project of my own but decided that I have too many projects and too much stuff in the...
  16. Radiators

    All EV Conversions and Builds
    So, I've had a good look around and although there is a discussion about cooling motors and controllers, I haven't got a fix on what that looks like for AC motors that have built in cooling capability. Do people use a regular car radiator, fan etc, or do they use other types of cooling systems...
  17. Thoughts on Motors

    Electric Motors
    Hi Everyone, I've been thinking about a conversion for quite some time, and recently came across a great deal on a few motors. I was wondering if I could plumb your collective wisdom for thoughts about whether any of these might work? Motor Manufacture: US Motors Catalog Number: D20E2H Model...
  18. Best Charger?

    Batteries and Charging
    So, I am doing an experiment with my EV conversion. I have a BUNCH of lithium batteries taken out of laptops. They are the same kind used in Tesla vehicles. Which charger would be best for me to use? I plan to use the batteries on a moped I am converting. The pack will need to be between 12v and...
  19. Jd"s red neck truck

    All EV Conversions and Builds
    Announcing the one month birthday of SHAZAM! my electric truck. One month ago with much effort and few fla batteries he hopped of of the ramps and tasted pavement as an ev. Made the first few laps around the neighborhood, and carried his first k9 and human passengers. After a month of very...
  20. For Sale: Azure Dynamics AC24 & DMOC445 - $2000/obo

    For Sale: Azure Dynamics AC24 & DMOC445 - $2000/obo SOLD Hi Folks, I've upgraded to a monster BLDC motor, and now have my AC24 and DMOC445 gathering dust in my garage. The motor and controller both work great (over 4000 miles with them). The motor is set up for Wye configuration. I'm asking...