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  1. DMOC 445 Flash or ccs file

    Hello, I recently purchased a DMOC 445 controller that was set up to run with an AC90 motor. I have an AC24 motor that I would like to run with the controller. I got it all powered up and showed a GUID of BC-27-E6-DB-0B-BC-D2-27. However, I cannot find a .ccs file to run this guid. I also...
  2. Curtis Controller 1239 + AC24

    Hi, I'm shopping around for a replacement motor controller after my Azure Dynamics DMOC445 that was damaged earlier with year. My DMOC was paired up with a AC24 motor also by Azure Dynamics. I currently considering a Curtis Instruments 1239E motor controller. I know HPEVS makes a controller...
  3. Azure-Dynamics AC24LS motors

    Electric Motors
    I received a bunch of AC24LS motors in different incarnations and since I haven't found out much about them I figured it might be useful to start a thread here which can become a repository of information concerning said motors. What I have learned thus far just from what is written on the...
  4. For Sale: Azure Dynamics AC24 & DMOC445 - $2000/obo

    For Sale: Azure Dynamics AC24 & DMOC445 - $2000/obo SOLD Hi Folks, I've upgraded to a monster BLDC motor, and now have my AC24 and DMOC445 gathering dust in my garage. The motor and controller both work great (over 4000 miles with them). The motor is set up for Wye configuration. I'm asking...