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  1. Curtis 1239e VCL and manuals

    Technical Discussion
    Hi, I have my Curtis 1239e and HPEVS AC-50 working nicely in my Ford Probe (probatron). In the setting manual there is a description of the VCL functions that can be used to customize the controller. In particular it describes how to set one of the output to drive the vehicle tacho. This would...
  2. need help with acceleration from curtis 1239e with ac50 motor in Ford Probe

    Technical Discussion
    Hi All, I have had my Ford probe converted for a long time with DC motor and drive system (ADC FB 4001 motor and Zapi H3D 800A controller). I recently blew the brushes out of my motor for the 3rd time as my DC controller was going into regen mode and destroying the brushes over time with...
  3. Roll down test

    All EV Conversions and Builds
    I did a roll down test the other day. Now I don't know if these are valid when done up a hill, so if anyone can advise. At 75km/h average I calculated 9kw (12hp) on the flat and 30-35kw (40-48hp) on the hill I'm targeting, which I would drive up for about 90 seconds. I had previously calculated...
  4. AC50 and medium sized cars

    Electric Motors
    The AC50 seems to have the highest profile of the AC Motors but I read varying anecdotal reports of its capability around hills. Chinese BLDC motors are looking very promising as an alternative. On my commute I have a hill climb that has to happen. My car is a BMW 318ti. I am doing all my...
  5. What I have discovered while building an EV

    Electric Motors
    I am certainly not the last word on building an electric car. What I can tell you is that my own experience so far has brought me to some conclusions about motors, transmissions and other components that are required. I have never seen a really good electric car that was cheap to build, or cheap...