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  1. low cost DIY (Tesla) ACIM all hardware controller, no uC, DSP, programming

    Hi folks. In this thread I'm going to present an all hardware DIY (Tesla) ACIM ASIC controller that does not need uC, DSP and programming. It is a spin-off of this thread about a similar controller for a DC series motor. Most of "can it be done?" stuff (simulations, breadboarding) is in the DC...
  2. Remy's HVH410 ac motor - where used?

    Electric Motors
    Poking around the interwebs this morning I came across this AC motor: That actually impresses me... I recall something about a Chevy Tahoe or the like using a rather large, high-voltage AC induction (or PMAC) motor. Might be this one. The inverter design that is...