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  1. Top 10 Posters on DIY Electric Car as of May 6, 2009

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    I've got some stats for you guys. Here are the top 10 as of today! 1) david85 - 2,189 posts 2) JRP3 - 1,503 posts 3) Technologic - 1,371 posts 4) TX_Dj - 1,160 posts 5) gottdi - 1,010 posts 6) rctous - 988 posts 7) xrotaryguy - 890 posts 8) Coley - 886 posts 9) mattW - 866 posts 10)...
  2. Garage renovations- Suggestions to improve the Garage feature

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    Yesterday I made a suggestion to the site admin about the garage section of this site, he replied back to me and asked I could start a new thread for recommending improvements to the garage. Please feel free to post your own suggestions for the garage :D Once the garage grows to at least 200...
  3. Site Upgrades

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    The major pieces of site software have been upgraded. Problems Fixed: Editing and Deleting Tags New features include: "Community" links - Social Groups - Photo Albums "Blogs" links - Everyone can now write blog entries and comment on them. - Highly rated entries will be on the front page of...