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  1. For Sale: Advanced DC Motor 9" - single shaft: $750

    Electric Vehicle (EV) Motor - for DC cars Brand: Advanced DC motor 9" - Model: FB1-4001A - single shaft - good condition - used for 2 weeks for a project Price: $750 Pick-up: Los Angeles
  2. WANTED: Advanced DC 8" Motor

    Hello, I'm planning to convert a Geo Metro. I'm interested in buying a used or refurbished Advanced DC 8" motor or equivalent. Thank you, Peter
  3. Newbie to EV conversion - feel free to comment!

    This is just a ramble about what I am intending to do in the (hopefully) near future. I have a 95 Ford Escort hatchback that is currently running and on the road. I bought it for the distinct purpose of conversion to electric. As a neophyte, my first hurdle is trying to locate a decent motor...
  4. First Timer!

    All EV Conversions and Builds
    I'm starting with an 86 (I believe) Dodge Daytona 5 speed.. I'm not planning on keeping the clutch unless someone convinces me otherwise. The motor I plan to use is the 6.7" Advanced DC #X91-4001 from (if anyone knows where I could get this or a...